Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Okay I know you have all been waiting to see this post, well after a bit of work this week I have all photos and gossip at hand! So it's going to be a big post! Firstly let me say WOW what a great time I had. I know a few of you had a blast and enjoyed the day... well because you have told me so and I thank you all for those kind emails. It certainly makes it all worthwhile to have a day when you get that kind of feedback.

The day started with a bit of a glitch really. I was driving to Banksia Grove and happily contemplating the day when I noticed I was on the wrong road!!! OMG! what's going on! Well main roads decided to change the road system didn't they. We were only at this venue 6 months ago. I was thinking of all of the newbies coming and that lovely map I put on my website. I tried to put it out of my mind and get on with arranging tables and putting out stock. At 9.30am some chicks arrived so I thought to myself, they made it so should everyone else.

We had a really full day and over 50 girls turned up to create, trade and share their ideas with the rest of the group. Everyone liked the ATC kit which was a tin filled with ATC making paraphernalia and included a rubber stamp, cards and some diecuts. Entry included a ticket for a door prize. Well that was a bit funny because at about tea time we decided to draw the raffle. I kindly asked Jen Jones to do the draw and someone suggested that she may very well pull out her own ticket. I guess I said that wouldn't happen as there were over 50 tickets in the container. Well sure enough she pulled out her own ticket! Talk about arsy! Oh sorry let me rephrase that, "Arty". Did you girls see her fantastic work she was creating at light speed with the texture paste? I hope you all enjoyed the demo on texture paste. It's really fun to stamp into and add some colour and bring out detail of your stamps.

Now onto the gos... First one was that I was asked what a reo is. Miss K (you know who you are!!) it's a little round reinforcement! We use them on some of our ATC's and they are fun to put an eyelet into. LOL! funny! The next thing is we had a couple of guys rock up. No one had enough money to to get them to strip so we were a bit disappointed and ended up with photos and chickens! Later in the afternoon we had a visit from France who is the lead on Stamp Gropers ATC and it was really nice to put a face to her for some of the girls. France has a blog.... she had put up a post with some of the work she was doing.

We also had a visit from Ann and her new baby Giles, who was so sweet, and I managed to hold him for 20 minutes, well until my arm nearly broke. Ann what are you feeding that baby?? He is over 6kg now! Ann was happy to create whilst I held him and I did enjoy my cuddle! I hope no one was offended at me calling out during the day and night how much time ya'll had left! I was hoping everyone was going to be productive and make heaps of ATC's!

Now to the demo's... Thanks Kelsey for doing your demo on watercolours and stamping. The girls loved it and I have had emails saying so! A big thanks to Kylie for taking some fab shots of the demo queen...We so enjoy your approach to the demo Kelsey, always clear and so informative and great to be a part of. I hope everyone had a chance to do some at home.

Now the "Industria" demo, and make and take. I think it was a good idea to give everyone the opportunity to have a hands on because going by the samples you all made you truly loved it. Heck is this going to be another craze? Well if it is it's an easy one, everyone said it was easy. I did tell you it was going to be and you had a lot of fun creating. A few times I had to drag some of the girls off the table so other girls could have a shot. Actually I wanted to stay there myself, all day! Next time we will do another one of these because it gave us a chance to create, out of our comfort zone, try new things (and finish them!) and do it with others in a confined area making you chat and get to know some of the newbies and girls. Hi to the newbies!! (Nicky, Lorraine, Debra!) What a lovely lot they were and I think we will see them again, maybe at club (SAJ's) well I really hope so! Let's hope we have some new friends now!

A rooly big thanks to Deb, my dear and special friend who I ask to work non stop for 16 hours without breaks and only let her out once for a smoke on the grass.... Thanks Deb you are worth you weight in stamps! We could not do this day without you, BTW you are already booked for the next one, so put it in your busy schedule....
And lastly, thanks to all who brought delicious food, which we all enjoyed......did anyone else love those puffy dogs? I only got one but I love them!
Until the next ATC day,
PS If you don't see any photos, blogger is being a pain, will keep trying for a little while longer...Update, just managed to get a few photos loaded, will try again later tonight, thanks for being patient!


littledawnieno1 said...

Sounds like a fab day was had by all.
Have seen some fabo ATC's of miss Kelseys in the 'Industria' style. Very funky.Definatly a new fad.
I look forward to seeing some pics of the day.
The only thing missing was me and Crozzo.LOL


Crozza said...
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Crozza said...

It looks and sounds like a wonderful day you have alot of very talented Perth girls Miss JJ and Ms. Kelsey are wonderful.
LiL Ms. Dawnie and me missed out big time.
Thanks for sharing Julie
Crozza or as Ms Dawn calls me crozzo(my clown name I gather)

France said...

Nice to see all the pics, Julie!!!
thanks for going through the trouble!!

Annie v L said...

I am very envious of you all. I love the 'industria' technique, having seen Elaine B's that she did on the day. Can't wait to try it. Would have loved to have seen Kelsey's demos too. Next time!!! LOL.