Saturday, September 30, 2006

Is this for real?

Please tell me Jenny C from the ratty has too much time on her hands? Can you believe "POSS MAN" checking out Audrey's butt, checking out my blog??? I believe "POSS MAN" is a tiny sugar glider that fits into ones hand, (how cute) actually we should call him poss-in-hand? Well apparently he glides everywhere, people, computers and is a mini flying 'rat'... oopps sorry "POSS MAN", just joking!!
I am sorry been a bad blogger of late, but I have a good excuse, been a tad busy of late. Getting new and interesting stuff ready for the Paperific show in Melbourne in a few weeks time. I hope all you girls from Melbourne are going? We are hoping to get you all motivated and crank up those creative juices with some really cool ideas....Jen C is going to do some wonderful make and takes. I hope we have the best ones (make and takes that is) this year. I am certainly putting my heart into those. I just want you all to have a very special time at our Collections booth. Margy B (Marg Buhagiar) is also going to be giving out all her inspirational ideas - did you guys see Stamping and Papercraft this last issue? Go check it out she had some beautiful pieces in it....for goodness sakes rip the bag open when no one is looking and take a peek!
BTW I am going to Christinas Craft on Wedneday, 25th October for a demo night, starting at 5pm. I am not sure if it's booked out yet but if you are around the Upwey area and want to come, email her at to see if there are any tickets left. We are going to make it a very special evening, and I am sure for $6 it will be really worth it...hope to see you there. If not don't forget the Paperific show at the Telstra Dome.. I am so looking forward to that show. Right now I am packing a pallet of stuff to bring over, yer right that's a lot of goodies! Well I better get back as I have tons to do and I just wanted to drop ya'll a line about what is happening over here in the west. You know the side where the Westcoast Eagles come from, the ones that won by one today!!!! Ha!
Catch ya later, Julie

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Julie van Oosten said...

Just incase you were wondering, Possman is REAL, he's not just a fluffy toy!!!!!!