Monday, February 26, 2007

Inspired by Sally Jean - Soldering

The other night I had the pleasure to solder with a couple of lovely girls, eat Thai food and be inspired by a book that I brought back from the USA. The book, "Pretty Little Things" by Sally Jean Alexander. Every page is so adorable and inspiring to say the least. I love jewellery, soldering and little trinkets and stuff!! Love all things small really. (who doesn't?) So Jen Jones, Kelsey, Jackie and I got down and dirty and made some soldered items. I really wanted to make this wire dress form but got carried away with my first project, making a really deep 3D charm.
I was inspired by these wonderful metal objects, that have v cut in them that I was sent recently (hot metal type), not the actual hot metal type themselves but the brass masters that create the type. I have a dear friend send me some of the tiny brass pieces, which I am so grateful. Actually it was Jenny Crossley from the Ratty who first recommend these little gems, thanks Jen! I have always loved type whether it be fonts, metal or anything to do with type really. The shapes and forms are really interesting and love the letter"A"/"a". I did use on these charms, solder that contains a tin 98 percent tin and silver 2 percent mix, which is similar to the one Sally recommends in her book, although we can't get the one she suggests in the book here in Australia this one is from Bunnings in the soldering section and is for jewellery (lead free). Try to practice on the regular solder first because the jewellery one costs a little more than regular solder.
After playing around with the charms I had some fuses to open and put in messages, solder on a jump ring so it can be hung from chain. Opening the fuses can be tricky, first time I did it I drilled the top off, but that was too hard so I heated one end gently and then using small pliers pulled the top (cap) off the heated end. Be careful not to pull to hard or the glass will smash. Take out the fuse with small pointy pliers, even if you can't get it out, don't worry, just add your text in the tube and you won't see it. I add a jump ring to the top before gluing on the end with metal glue. Love little messages in little bottles or tubes they are so cute to hang with other bits and pieces.
The little aluminum squares my lovely daughter banged out (Sunday morning early to every one's amusement!) as she was making some metal tags for her new horse "Condor". She likes to make the tags so she can identify her bridals and horsey equipment. After hammering in the type she had used a permanent marker to enhance the type so it's easy to read - Thanks Loz....
Jenny made a wonderful cross, took her ages as there were 5 sections to complete the cross. I think Jen needs to get a blog and share her wonderful creations with us. whadda think girls?? So thanks Jen for having us over and giving us some beautiful charms and things and sharing your tape, polish and wiping nappies! LOL.
OH, and the info on the "brazillian" was so helpful Jen, LOL. I have made a mental note!
Love, JVO!!!


kelsey said...

Wow! Your pieces turned out just fantastic Julie....especially love the little fuses (thanks for the gift of those). Think I will have a go at the heating thing to see if I can get them open. Had a great time!

littledawnieno1 said...

What a wonderful evening and so much eye candy.Love the pics of the end product.Wonderful tips too, thanks for that , as Ive shattered heaps of the little fuses.Didnt think to heat it.

Thanks for sharing

Natalie B said...

Gorgeous work as always JVO...Sally Jean's work is so NEAT, I aspire to be that neat.... Thanks for sharing and great to see you blogging more often so we can keep up with all your fab work.

See ya

Jen Crossley said...

Beautiful pieces JVO love the fuses I also have had trouble getting the ends off.
Love the metal tag with the writing on they are way too cute
Thanks for sharing,not sure if I wanted to know about Jones brazillian!!!! though Im have a mental picture which I dont want LOL My eyes are burning help!!!

carmel said...

ymmmy or what! I was inspired to get out my soldering iron after seeing you going for it on Fri night - they look beautiful. Cheers, Carmel xxxx

BrigitteS said...

Waow Julie !!
Those bits are awwwwwesome !!
Love them and look unreal ! i think i might start looking into my husband shed and see what's he's got, i might find some treasures to craft !!
Thanks for sharing those tips with us !
Brigitte G

Judy said...

Wow they are so nice, love Sally-jean did a workshop with her in Cortona last year. Her book is just beautiful, I love her sense of humour. You can get the solder here in sydney but it is expensive - it seems everything is expensive down here. Funny about the fuses - i was trying to get one apart - not much luck maybe i will try your technique. Ciao