Thursday, September 20, 2007

Update for ATC Day #4

I've just picked up an new street directory for WA at the post office and noticed that Pinjar Road now connects to Joondalup Drive then you will all be entering from the left of Tumbleweed then you will be turing left onto Grasstree Bend. The map that I took from the internet must still be a bit out of date, soooooo, if you are coming up Pinjar Road and end up on Joondalup Drive you hopefully will know where you are!

Debbie and I are packing kits and some new bits I will be picking up tomorrow, some lovely printed card for the day.

If you are doing the workshop, if you have a Frayed Burlap stamp pad, would you mind bringing it to use please.

Just a reminder if you are racking your brains what to bring for lunch or supper:
(we will put it all on a table to share, and put your name on your china please!)

small plate cold chicken
party pies
small quiches
cold meats
cheese & crackers
there is an oven for heating and micro for zapping!

Don't forget I've got the sweet stuff covered, cakes and bickies for morning and afternoon tea. Debbie is bringing something special that she made for y'all! I will bring some juice and filtered water as well. Oh and I don't have an alcohol licence for the premises so better not bring any.
There should be more than 40 ladies joining us throughout the day! I am really looking forward to seeing you there, cheers, Julie. . . . . . . . .

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France said...

Have a great day, and please post some pics for those of us who can't go :)