Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mebourne here we come!!!

Are ya'll ready for the weekend...? Melbourne Paperific that is. Here's a sneek preview of some of the new product you will see at the Collections Stand #17. Be sure to get there early as stocks are limited. We are bringing everything from Perth and we have a full pallet and some extra bags full of the very latest with us on the flight over.

Our "make and take" are 2 wonderful creations that you are going to love, it's free and the lovely Jenny Crossley & Lexie Grady are going to be working with you this year to inspire and create the little projects. Let's say it won't be just a simple thing, it's small and arty.

Our theme this year will be, wire and houses, and we have some really wonderful samples to show you....
Well back to the packing.... see you soon.
cheers, Julie


triumphgirl said...

I'm sooo jealous, as I can't make it to MPE this year (can you believe I have travelled twice from Singapore JUST for MPE?? - this year saving the trip til Xmas). I hope you'll be adding the new stuff to your website soon so I can place an order ...otherwise I'll just have to ask an MPE- attending friend to buy up big on my behalf!
Have fun! Faye

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Love the new houses and the keys!!!!! they are too die for.
Cant wait for the weekend

Audrey said...

OMG, the keys are to die for and being a Perth girl, I got a sneak peek at Julies new goodies you are going to love them. Have a great time in Melbourne Julie, Deb and Jenny.

Cecile Nichols said...

These new little houses and the key are fantastic. I'm very anxious to get my hands on them! Will you be showing product photos on your website when you return from Paperific?

Good luck at Paperific!!

Cecile Nichols, in the U.S.A.!!!

Jenene said...

Julie I have been to Paperific today, & your stand was sensational, I am not sure what I loved the most, all fantastic. Little houses WOW, needless to say I spent up. Cannot wait to start on a project. Keep up the great work. Cheers Jenene

Mel Nunn said...

Hi Julie!

Nice to meet you today... I will be stalking your blog from now on! If you go to my blog (I think it will link you) I have a peek of the collections house mini album I made recently. I really love the collections stuff!


BrigitteS said...

Bonjour Julie !!
Wowww again...pity you don't come down to Sydney with your beautiful stuffs !! and oh...didn't i mention thatyou should have new catalogues updates ?? :)

waimea said...

i sorry my english is very bad
i like you scrapbooking and for it you are a suprise on my blog
let's go on my blog you are "Créative Blogger Award"
the house and key is beautiful!!!!
waimea (in france)

waimea said...

oups!!!! i forget my blog :

Barb said...

I was inspired by your new houses at MPE Julie. You are the Queen of original ideas that always manage to get me hooked!! Bad for the bank balance but good for the soul!

amandine said...

it's wonderfull :o))

tinckerbell from belgium

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.