Saturday, December 08, 2007

New Camera

A few weeks ago I dropped my camera as I was getting a coat out of my bag and it hit the footpath and did a bit of damage. The camera still sort of worked but some features didn't. It was such a shame because I really loved it and I have had that camera for at least 4 years. Well I really need a camera all the time (who doesn't?) so I popped off to the Good Guys and got a new one. It's a Cannon SX100IS, similar to my last camera but it has a lot of newer features and it's not top of the range (I've seen those and they are hard to operate if you're not a pro) it was so easy to use. I need some manual features but generally I like to point and click.

I have had a small break recently in Bali and took some lovely photos with the camera.

This is a photo of a friends son, he wouldn't stand still for a second so this is the best shot that I got of him.

This has got to be one of the most amazing postcard shots of Jimbaran Bay. You can eat seafood cooked on coconut husks which impart a distinctive flavour to your barbecued dinner, absolutely to die for and you get the picture postcard to go with it.

This photo was one of my favourite of the trip. Taken from a car passing through a tiny village. The group was so colourful and so spectacular how could you not take a quick photo.

I LOVE the colours of all the flowers and for some reason in the tropics they are so vibrant, especially taken against the dark background of this swimming pool. This shot was taken by a friend while I was getting a manicure and pedicure...

This was the first close up shot I took with the camera. I need to play around a bit more to tweak and get the best out of the macro lens.

Another shot taken in the garden of the hotel. The gardens are always immaculate and have the most beautiful ambiance at night time with the soft lighting.

This is an amazing place called Garuda Wisnu Kencana, out towards Ulluwatu and the statue is made of brass or bronze, all soldered together in tiny pieces. I can't believe the size of it! This is Garuda shown here but Visnu is 23 metres high.

You can now see the size of Garuda (means eagle in Indonesian) and it's located in an old limestone quarry which happens to be huge. I think it is a must see and if you go to Bali it is worth going to see this cultural park.

At the other end of the island is Mt Batur located in Kintamani (a 2 1/2 drive from Kuta and it is a volcano that is NOT extinct. Pictured from a restaurant on the rim of lake Batur it is dizzy height is not for the faint hearted. Next trip to Bali I hope to get photos from the top. It takes about 2 hours to climb and it is best viewed at sunrise. I think that means starting your climb at 4am in the morning (yikes!)

The rice paddies in Bali are so beautiful. At the moment they are all ready to be harvested so they are not as green as they would be as it's coming up to the monsoon time of the year. There are two seasons, the wet and the dry.

This is a typical sight you might see driving around the island villages. Women taking the offerings to the temple. After they have been offered they eat all of the lovely fruit, paw paw, mango, mangosteens, jack fruit, durian, monkey bananas, snake fruit, pineapples and the hugest passion fruit you have ever seen!

Here's a photo of the gardens of the hotel, just so beautiful and serene, mind you it was really hot and all you always want to get inside your room to cool yourself down in the air conditioning!

Another picturesque sight, Murnies in Ubud, happens to be the most beautiful restaurant in the world, set alongside a riverbed. There are three levels to walk down and this is the lower level, kind of like a private dining room...can't get better than this.

Inside the restaurant there are many works of art to buy and there is a pots the girls decorate daily, just for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for looking, Julie


Tamara said...

Those are gorgeous photos. I love all of the vibrant colours in the tropical flowers. :)

Michelle said...

beautiful photos. Looks like you had a great time.

Ann G. said...

Glad you made time to spoil yourself even for just a few days - i think you needed to recharge those creative batteries as they had been in hyperdrive of late *grin*

Natalie B said...

Gorgeous photos Julie. Good to see that you managed to get some time out and what a beautiful place to do it!! I haven't been to Bali for years and years and I'm so pleased to see that the beauty of the place hasn't changed. big hugs Nat

Jen Crossley said...

These are just gorgeous Photos Julie the colours are so rich,hope you had an amazing time even if it was a Tad late

NessH said...

very funny Jen...yes it is always good to see a new post here Julie..even if it is a Tad late..the photos are amazing..what a place to visit..I really hope u had a great time and a good rest..

Lorri said...

I just got back from the "Land of the Gods" it sure is a wonderful place to relax and unwind - and shop of course!
Glad you enjoyed it, you have some lovely pics. I posted a couple on my blog also.