Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ahh Cheepboard!!! LOL!

Well another sneek preview. This should keep the chipboard girls happy for a while. Instead of photographing all the cut shapes it was easier to create a facsimile of the newest items. Sometimes if the lighting isn't right you have to clean up the images in Photoshop and that is hard work, so here's my take on my catalogue images for some of the new items, digitally so to speak.
I'm off to bed now with most of my case packed for Monday, have a few loose ends to tie up, like the make and takes... pack more samples. It feels like my work is neverending... really!
My daughter Lauren gave me a really sweet sample that she made with photos of her and her sister on their horses at the beach. Lauren is turning out to be a fabulous scrapbooker (she comes to mums place for supplies!)
Hopefully I will get some time to blog before I go, looking forward to gettin together with Jenny Crossley and Audrey! and bummer Max is not coming with us! Check out her blog she made a really sweet tag and frame for me to take.
Eeeekkk 11.30pm, gotta get to bed, night!


Teresa said...

OMG Julie - all the new stuff looks amazing! Can't wait til it hits the stores!

Jen Crossley said...

Looks great JVO cant wait to see you and Audreyyyyyy

Sam Marshall said...

The new items look amazing!

Linda Cain said...

Looks like moreWONDERFULT things to have!
Linda Cain

Gretz said...

OH WOW OH WOW can't wait to play with some of these!

Linda Cain said...

Still getting requests for your little houses in the states. What site should I send them to if they ask to see your products?
Linda Cain