Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank You to the ladies of Newman! Wow what a fantastic experience Newman was. A huge thank you to Rhonda & Tenaha & families (Rtlicious) for hosting me and giving me the opportunity to see an amazing part of Australia. The retreat ran over 3 days in lovely Mia Mia boutique hotel (house in the desert), which was very nice and great meals! It was very special to meet the "girls of Newman" and I worked them so hard with hours and hours of "Collections" elements and techniques. They completed a complex journal and several pages which encompassed 2 days. Very easy group to teach and a very poised group of ladies! Thank you for your interest in my soap making! Rhonda is bringing up some in the next week or two! I will pack a box of goodies and some lip balms etc. Those who wanted the recipe for liquid laundry detergent, please email me at

Picture above taken of the huge haulpac truck!

Rhonda and Tenaha and her daughter at the Newman airport.

Girls busy at work creating!

Rhonda with the view from Radio Hill of Newman town.
I would like to thank the girls for a fantastic tour of Newman, a visit to the top of Radio Hill which gave an excellent view of the town, 8,000 residents and another 2,000 transient residents (fly in, fly out) that live in quite distinct accommodation. From the hill you can get a little bit of a view of the largest open cut iron ore mine, called whale back in the world. What spun me out was the temperature, the hottest place on the planet that I have been. Whilst I was out touring with Rhonda it recorded a temperature outside of 47c (116F) and believe it or not that was at 6.20pm in the evening! The last 2 weeks in Newman the max temp was over 40c with an average of 42.3 for the month!
It's true when we were out looking around it was actually 47c, it felt like being in a toaster oven!

I was totally fascinated with the heat! The girls didn't even notice it at all, they said they we used to the heat!

The group outside (yes in the 40c degree heat!) at Mia Mia

Newman January 2009

Steak order at Mia Mia, er it should have said on the menu "Steaks"!

Newman airport, get there on a 717 fleaburner!
Thanks for looking, Julie
PS have a great Australia Day!
Aussie, Aussie Aussie, Oy, Oy, Oy, !


Jen Crossley said...

Looks like you had an amazing time JVO

Tenaha Wilson said...

Thanks Julie. I love the picture of you and the haulpack. We had an amazing time having you here in Newman.

Tracy Monaghan said...

You've left us all totally inspired. I've been making tiles every night since you left!

Ann G. said...

Did you get to drive the haulpac? or at least sit in it? Gotta love the heat up north hey.....although I think you brought some of it back with you! Hope all is well

Gretz said...

WHERE are photos of the class you taught! ;-)