Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you get your share of eggs! I spent this lovely warm easter morning at the Darling Range Pony Club, where my daughter Lauren, her amazing horse "Condor" were competing in the unofficial hack division. It was so wonderful to see her ride as she was nervous and Condor was a bit fidgety. It was all very exciting and nail biting as I am listening to all the comments and comentary from all the girls! Congratulations Lauren! oh and Condor as well!
Danielle did the makeup on the horse, they get darker legs and shades of black around the eyes. They also have a major shampoo and tail plait and come up all shiny!

She competed in 5 events and placed one first and also three third places, so she was one happy camper! Here she is with her first place ribbon.

Lauren was with her good friends, Jackie, Anna, Rachael and sister Danielle who do several shows a month and they all go and support each other.

Have a great easter break!


Gretz said...

WOW! What a gorgeous horse!

Well done Lauren and Condor ;-)

Jen Crossley said...

You must be so proud of Lauren

Xanapan said...

Congratulations to Lauren..and Condor!! Having done a stint of showing/eventing with my DD I know how much work it takes for a good turn out...let alone the riding! Well done!

alicemk said...

Heyyy Julie...
You must be soo proud!!!
Good work girls...Condor looks FAB!
If I'd known you were there I would have popped down..Darling Range is only 3 minutes from where I live and a very familiar old stomping ground!!!
Looks like you had a great day and took home the spoils to prove it!!
Well done!!