Saturday, April 04, 2009

New Products

New in store now are 2 new 6 x 6 papers from Collections - Baroque (Left) and Shabby Chic (right). Both ranges do match the previous papers Vintage and French. (Click on image to view a larger one). We had a lot of fun creating with these colours and I hope you will too. I think Baroque will be a lovely for the cooler months and they are rich and have a great contrast. Both were well received at SIA and we did the make and take with the Baroque.
The latest four designs for transparencies, fun to cut up and use, a style for everyone, Ornamental, Vintage, Flourishes and one for travel, Europe. (Click on image to view a larger one). We hope you like these A4 sheets with a rich solid black and on heavy plastic strong enough for pages in mini books. Speaking of mini books we will post more on them as we have a new set of 5 mini books that are so tiny but so cute. Well back to packing! Have a great day and don't forget to pop over to Max's blog as she has got some give away going on there!


Gretz said...

Wow Julie can't wait to get my hands on them!

See you soon - whoo hoo!!!!

Gretz said...

Oh my goodness where is everyone ;-)

I SAW some of your product today at Scraptacular - I just can't wait to get hold of it - the "Paris type" light thingy - oh those wings! New papers YUMMEE

Get Scraptaculars order posted poste haste LOL

Lilith said...

beautiful stuff, where can we get them?

Jen Crossley said...

wow they look amazing

Xanapan said...

Love the new papers & the transparencies look fantastic!

Lorri said...

Those Elements are gorgeous Julie :)

jilly said...

Stunning Julie. Absolutely stunning.

Marelle said...

Hi Julie
Loved all your b eautiful stuff at SIA
I have just finished a canvass for our shop with your Collections I will email it to you tomorrow
marelle (Vic)

BrigitteG said...

OMG!!!! these are aweeeesome Julie !!
where can i get hold of them ?? are they for sale yet ???
will ring you Julie :)
Hugs from the Blue Mountains NSW xxx