Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kept off the streets

The reason I have been quiet lately and not blogged as I have been fairly busy with Collections work and been a bit naughty not keeping up blogging. I know I check plenty of blogs hoping to see updates and pics and when there is nothing I am disappointed, so here are some pics of some classes that I did recently. The pic above is of some art boxes that included many techniques, ageing and distressing and using various mediums like wire and fabric, metal tape to name a few. It was a fairly complex class and should take 3 - 3.5 hours to complete or longer depending on the student and conditions, like the more students in the class the longer it may take. There are also a few other variables as well like the level and skill of the students and we do get this when we are teaching, something that we accept when we take on the task of creating and designing a class. It's fun to design a class but then comes the time to put together kits! LOL!
Here is another little project that I taught recently, a small plaque for your studio/craft room to hang. Inspired by Audrey Underwood's amazing creation. Speaking of the little birds nest (small hint here), you'll notice that I have a shop on the right hand side of my blog. Well stay tuned there will be some product coming soon that you will be able to purchase right off the little shop! Sorry not telling whats coming, please be patient, I have a fixation at the moment with soap and my cosmetic stuff!!! (no I won't be selling that stuff in the shop!)

On another note:
I have been playing around with some oils and little serum bottles I bought recently and come up with a nice concoction to put on my ageing face after cleansing at night.
Here is what I have in the little bottle....

20 - 30ml jojoba - great for skin
10ml olive squalane - similar to natural sebum of human skin
4 drops vitamin E - always fantastic for the skin
few drops of east indian sandalwood EO - great for mature dry aging skin like mine!

It really smooths on nice and even though it feels like a really light oil, it doesn't take long to sink into your face and smooth out those lines and of course smells absolutely fantastic. I guess nothing is going to stop the lines but hey nothing wrong with slowing it down.

I also made some delicious fresh West Indian Lime and May Chang Lime Essential oil soap with a hint of oatmeal for light exfoliation for some of my citrus obsessed friends. I also have been carried away with diffusers as well. Mmm some of the metal tape thought the cuttle bug, distressed and wrapped neatly around the diffuser bottle looks very sweet. Hey its funny how my paper craft stuff gets mixed up in the soapy stuff! I guess you take the skills you learn everyday and incorporate it in everything else you do. Right now the twins are using their skills of sewing (they taught themselves to sew!) making saddle covers from micro fleece and jewellery to sell at a horse show to raise funds for a horsey camp. Now they have asked me to make pamper packs for the girls that are going like, lip balm, face masks, soap of course and some body lotion. I might even throw in some bug of balm for when they are riding but I would imagine that they probably accept flies and bugs as they don't mind getting their hands dirty and hanging out in weather and conditions that I couldn't. My idea of a nice time is by the pool in Bali sipping a nice coconut drink contemplating my next reflexology and massage!

Eeek! is that the time, oh well off to do some work now and get out the orders that are pending! Have a great day and I hope to post again soon than later, and thanks for looking! Julie


Gretz said...
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Gretz said...

Nice to see you are still in the land of the living JVO ;-)

Cecile Nichols said...

Hi, Julie!

Nice photos of your recent class projects!! How exciting that you have added the store. I sure hope it's for your Collections items.

Take care and good luck to you!


NessH said...

Hi the classes...just stunning...when u come to Brisbane for your trade shows you can teach that for us if u want...I will be your QLD agent!!!!!

Jen Crossley said...

HI Stranger
Glad to see your still alive and kicking and creating the most important LOL
I can vouch for ness an amazing agent thats for sure

Judy said...

Both pieces are amazing but I love the depth of the first one and the silvery frame is gorgeous.

Tenaha Wilson said...

Love your work julie - very nice. Staying tune and waiting patiently about the news....
Tenaha ;)

BrigitteG said...

HEYYY JULIE !! BONJOUR from the Blue mountains (in NSW !! :)
ohhhhh can't wait to see your little shop here !!
and talking about soap ect... i can already smell them from here :)

Absolutely Everything said...

Julie...I think you have some nw items in yur Collections that we have not seen yet...little boxes?/...anything else?//...can you send me pictures? thanks
Kate farricker
Topsfield, MA