Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Freaky Storm in Perth

Everybody was wishing for rain in Perth I'm sure! We haven't had really any rain for 122 days and it's been a long hot dry summer. Yesterday everyones wish came true. It was an amazing storm front that passed over the city at about 4pm yesterday. We had a big thunderstorm pass over where I live in Tuart Hill.
As you can see by the size of the golf ball hail, you can imagine the damage that was done, not to mention the water flooding. Luckily it didn't get into the house but it sure looked like rivers flowing on either side.
These are the small hail that fell, but they shredded everything! There is plant matter everywhere and twigs and debris all over the road and around the house. The noise of the lightning and thunder added with the hail hitting the carport was amazing. There are some plastic areas on the carport and the hail went straight through it. The shed out the back has holes in the roof, some of my stuff got wet but luckily the stock that is stored there are raised up on pallets as the water went right through.

We had two fronts pass through, here is the radar image, quite amazing for Perth as I have never seen a storm like that before and I have lived here all my life. I know there was a lot of people in Melbourne recently that have damage from a hail storm that passed over there, now we know what you went through. Here's a video (sorry about the swearing tho, we were very excited!) The storm lasted for about 20mins and it was about 32c at the time and about 40mm of rain fell. We were amazed to say the least.


Butterfly said...

Wow - what a storm! I hope there was not too much damage to your property. Lots of water but it probably did not soak into the ground enough - just ran away as quickly as it came!! Isn't Mother Nature amazing with what she can turn out!!!

Dawnie said...

Amazing pic of footage Julie...thanks for sharing it...we didnt have as much of a battering here in Canning Vale though we did get a bit of huge hail. Scary stuff !

Gretz said...

Glad you and your car are OK!

It looked a dreadful storm...

Audrey said...

It was amazing, I've never seen anything like it either. I had to laugh at the OMGod's and %$#@ in the beginning LOL. I sounded just the same on the video I took. You'll have to check out Liams video I'll try load it up on my blog.
The mess and damage after such a brief storm was unbelievable.Luckily we had no damage compared to some. x

France said...

Oh Wow Julie, thanks for the pics. It wasn't that bad here, the hail pellets weren't even the size of marbles. Thanks for the Weather Radar pic, our internet was down and I love looking a the radar map. I have never, in my life, even in Canada, seen such large hail stones, close, but not as big as the one you photographed (well except on the news on Monday)! Yikes!

sanjeet said...

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