Sunday, May 16, 2010

WA Create, be inspired! (Click video title to watch in Youtube)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending "WA Create" be inspired, the inaugural event here in Perth, at the Lake Karrinyup Country Club. It is the group effort of 4 Perth stores, Scrapbook Central, Scrapbooks from the Heart, Scrapbook Secrets and the winner of best retailer, Scrappy Cow in Margaret River. It was an awesome day with over 80 attendees completing several classes, two with international guest Becky Fleck and I had the pleasure of guest teacher for the mini class in between Becky's.

The venue and grounds were so beautiful and set the mood for a wonderful day of creating with lots of happy ladies including a bus of 20 girls who travelled three hours from the south west, Margaret River.

There were wonderful goodie bags, embroidered aprons and the hostesses, Ruth, Janae, Cherie and Kareena wore these wonderful silk blouses with the logo of "WA Create" be inspired on them (you can see it in the opening of the video). Plenty of prizes and fun all day long. It was really nice to be a part of this fantastic event and getting to know Becky and her husband Chris who are from Montana in the USA. You may know Becky who is very well known for her page maps.

Let's hope there is another event next year as it was a huge success. Hope you enjoy the video that I put together.


Jen Crossley said...

Looked like a great day

Ruth said...

Julie - you simply are THE BEST - thanks for supporting all of us in this venture andthe video, brought tears of joy to us all, including Becky. Thanks again