Friday, June 04, 2010

Fun with Flat Spools

You can have a lot of fun with flat spools, not just the round ones. You can make something lovely with a range of all three sizes, large, medium and the smallest ones. Audrey made me this "swatch" of spools so I could take with me some of my most common pieces of haberdashery, like cream DMC, tiny ric rac, and some wonderful cotton braid and my very favourite Prima braid which I use on a lot of my samples. Audrey put the larger flat spools and one medium through the cuttlebug using a nice damask looking folder then painted them with cream paint. Then she covered the rest with Noir and Creme paper and some label papers. Embellished them with pieces of transparency, the new Artistic Expression words and two tiny skeleton keys. All the spools were then arranged big to small on a large system ring and delightfully added fabric ribbon and a cute little cotton tassel. Some of the ribbons were held in place with a diamond pin or two so when I need some braid or ribbon I can just take out the pin cut off what I need and poke the pin back in. How sweet of her to make this for me, as I was wondering what she was doing rifling though my big bag of fabric and braids.
Now I will not be with out my favourite haberdashery, thanks Audrey! Perhaps you too could make something like this for a dear friend, even if it's to decorate a friends work area. I know that every time I look at it I will think of dear Audrey!On another note below is part of a sample board for the stores that I am guiding through the afternoon tomorrow. I am using it as a "warm up" piece that will serve as a backdrop to the display they are going to make. I am looking forward to catching up with all of the girls and creating into the late night hours (yikes!) it's gonna be FUN!!!!
Close up of the Elegant Labels in Kraft with the Artistic Expressions "for where thou art is the world itself", love this saying! Thanks for looking


Ruth said...

Wow your spools are so elegant and they would make such a lovely all the sneak peaks too of the display board...what a lot of lushiousness you have going on here!!

Gretz said...

Stunning Julie. That Audrey is such a clever girl

Dawnie said...

excellent Julie...ideas to inspire

BrigitteG said...

woww Julie... those spools... gorrrgeous !!

Brigitte G.

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