Friday, August 06, 2010

Packing, Packing!

It's been a little busy around here as I am packing for Melbourne Paperific. I hope you are going to the show. Jen, Audrey and I are very excited to show you all the lovely samples and fantastic ideas on how to use Collections products. As you can see from the pic above we are bringing some kits which will make it easy to make a small project with just a few items that you will require to complete it. This one will make up a small tile piece with nine of the original tiles and you won't need much else other than glue, some ink and your time. They make great gifts for your creative friends, especially ones that may be overseas or in the country and can't make it to a show because they are in a different state. The time it takes to create one of these projects will be up to your skill level. All instructions are included in each pack and a colour photo of the finished item is also included. I will be on hand at the show with the "original" so if you have any questions on how it's put together, I would be happy to guide you through. There will be some product left over in the packs that you can add to other pieces of your choice, maybe a card or tag etc.
So kits are a great way to "introduce" yourself to Collections if you haven't used them before and everything you need is selected for you so you don't have to worry about what you need. I will have a limited number at the show, so be early! Even if you don't get a kit there will be TONS of inspiration and of course those cute spool kits to make up. I have some really large eyelets to sell that would look perfect on the top of a spool (you only need to do one side). If by chance there are any kits left after the show I will put them up on the blog for sale, but I can't promise there will be some, sorry. They have been very popular in past years and generally sell out at the show. Of course there will be lots of Collections products & stamps to purchase! We are there on Friday August 27th - 29th, so please come and say hi!!! Now back to packing!


Gretz said...

C U at 9:01 onthe 27th


Samantha Marshall said...


Sarah said...

Have fun Julie, wish I was able to come this year.. Maybe next..

Linda Cain said...

Your things are always soooo fabulous, Julie! I drool with my nose close to the computer screen.


Lucky girl, Gretz!

Julie van Oosten said...

You're too funny Linda!
@ Sarah would be nice if you could have come this year, was great having fun with you last time!

Xanapan said...

Wish I was going! Made it over there last year and it was soooo much fun.
All the best for the show Julie!!

. said...

wow! nice collection, nirvana is one of my favorite, pearl jam too. i like your blog!