Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hows your weekend going?

Hope you are all enjoying your spring weather in Perth. I am loving the warm sunny days, mild evenings and catching up with friends. I did get the chance to catch up with Audrey on Friday and have a wonderful meal at the Han Cafe in Joondalup. The food there is really delicious, especially the beef satay and tom yum soup, not to mention the green curries! It was so nice to see Audrey and catch up on all the gos and get in some girl time. Everyone is busy doing things with their kids now it's school holidays here in Perth. Now that the twins are adults I get to do other things now like go to dinner and shopping etc which is really nice. Anyway while I caught up with Audrey she did give me this really sweet sample that she made of the large dress forms. I love the way it is embellished with dyed muslin and little bead trims as you can see below. She is 18cm high and stands nicely on one of the art boxes.
I love the detail on the bodice part as it is stamped into utee with one of my stamps! Very sweet! Thanks for sharing this little angel with us Audrey! Hope you have a lovely weekend and get to have quality time with your kids these holidays!

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Gretz said...

OMG this is divine! I love the colours!

Melbourne is enjoying lovely warm sunny days too! The weekend has come to an end too soon!