Thursday, November 11, 2010

Catch Up! Hyden Retreat

Well it's been a mighty busy month for me, so that's why I haven't had time to post, so here is some catch up posting!

At the end of last month I had the wonderful opportunity to drive to Hyden in WA to teach a class to the fantastic girls that came together for a retreat organised by Karen Smith of Scrappin Outback. Hence the name it was really in the outback of WA. There were ladies from all over WA attending, not sure of the exact total but there were more than 40 ladies. I had a wonderful time and the girls were very attentive and were such a wonderful group to teach. The food was also yummy, loved the roast spit night and the tabbouleh salad! I did a long demo on the Saturday night followed by a 3 hour class on the Sunday. After the class I drove to the Wave Rock which is a very popular tourist attraction for the town. You can see in the video the highlights and some footage of the rock. A little crow walked with me to show me the way in. (how cute!) On my departure to Hyden I did get a bit lost coming out of the city (did not read the map well enough!) so I did an extra 60kms more thank I should have. The drive is about 3.5hours and it took me 4 hours coming back without stops as I took it easy as I was pretty tired. I did manage to clock up 750km for the trip. It's the longest single drive I have done myself as I am a bit of a city chick! It was so nice to meet Karen and I thank her for her wonderful hospitality, so much a part of the kindness you get with the country gals! Stay tuned in the next day or so for details of my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

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Blossom inch said... can't wait for the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia update. Hugs, Yuzz