Saturday, October 08, 2011

DSLR Camera Course

Canon 60D 55-250mm f/5 1/200sec ISO 200

Yesterday I had the good fortune to attend a full day DSLR Camera Course in Fremantle at Image Tree with my good friend Jenny to learn more about how to use my camera. Being totally new to this world only a few weeks ago I didn't know what aperture or shutter speed or ISO was, a total noob you might say. I have only ever used a point and shoot camera on "AUTO" so I wanted to learn much more about photography and my new DSLR camera, it's something I have always been interested in since I was young. The course we took was the Protrack 1 & 2 an all day course at the Fremantle Prison -no! I am not in jail, it's not actually operating, but the classroom was inside right next to the cells, very interesting to say the least! If you have ever been to the prison it is a very textural place with iron, wire and lovely limestone walls!
After a few hours of classroom tutorials a quick hands on in one of the yards we had a lovely model Phoebe to photograph. We had a few different lighting situations and I took lots of photos, but I don't want to bore you with those - hey I am an amateur and have only taken a few shots with my camera. We were encouraged to take RAW photographs and here is the result with just on of the photos.
This photograph above is the RAW converted to jpeg for blogging and it's "straight out of the camera" - settings I used - Canon 60D 55-250mm f/5 1/200sec ISO 200
The first to photographs, the black and white and the face shot have both been edited in photoshop.If you want to do the course I highly recommend it, however I didn't know that much about my camera before I attended, so it may help to get familiar with your instruction manual first. There are many more courses to take so if you have the time an money it would be worth it.
So I have lots and lots of practice and years of learning ahead of me, but I am happy now I have at least made a start.

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The photos look fantastic!!