Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Guest Book for Brooke & Demian

Next month my sweet niece Brooke is getting married to a lovely guy, Demian. The wedding is in Nusa Dua in Bali, a perfect setting for the start of a wonderful life together for two sweethearts! Danielle & Lauren are to be the bridesmaids along with Brooke's sister Kendall. I offered to make them a little guest book for all their family and friends to sign, and to be something to remember thoughts and precious moments on that special day. Brooke and I did make this together, which in itself was so lovely to share a project together and see her happy face when she made a tile or two that she loved.
The white theme for wedding was kept to white on white, some antique silver tones, some vintage paper, crystals, buttons, cotton ribbon, flower embellishments, and some embossed card with white paint. The journal and it's pages are linked with 2 rings tied off with all the wonderful white ribbon, organza and anything else in my kit that was white or off white. Thank goodness I have a ton of stuff and not have to wait and go off an buy it.
There are plenty of Collections chipboard pieces for embellishing, this one is the swallow, the smaller one in the pack and it has some tiny thread tied around its neck, and we popped on a crystal for the eye. We had so much fun creating this little journal and we sat for two sessions to finish this project. To see it in the real, to hold it in your hand you really appreciate it in person and this will be a treasure to keep forever.
As you can see here there are lots of details using tiny hearts, tiny numerals and the tiniest of buttons on these 35mm x 35mm tiles. The journal is made with the Paper Tile Kit and I have added some extra frames, double layer to give a feel of depth to the tiles. There are 16 little tiles included in the kit along with front and back cover sheets ( no pages included ) and there is also another frame in which you can put 4 more tiles in to make another project.
Their names are made using a cuttle bug to cut out the letters, I added silver tape to the board before cutting out the letters. This is an oldie but such a great one for making any kind of journal that you want to keep all those precious memories in. Enjoy, Julie & Brooke!
items used:

Paper Tiles Only
Jo Sonya Unbleached Titanium Paint

Joss Paper (old type)

Journal Size finished approx 210mm x210mm

8 1/4 x 81/4 inches


Blossom inch said...

really a beautiful work of you and Brooke, love all the little little things added on the tiles and lovely off white and white colors too. I love this guest book Julie and thanks for sharing.

Julie van Oosten said...

Thanks Honey!

Samantha Marshall said...

It's gorgeous!

Gretz said...

Really beautiful Julie. What are those silver letters you have used for their names?

Jen Crossley said...

wow just beautiful

lindacreates said...

This is gorgeous!

Xanapan said...

Just beautiful Julie! Something I'm sure that they will cherish.