Monday, December 26, 2011

My Favourite Christmas Photograph

I trust you all had a wonderful and happy Christmas Day. We all had an amazing day with lots of fun an laughter, good company and tons of yummy food. There were lots of thoughtful gifts - some really practical and some just plain good fun! Thanks to my beautiful daughters, Danielle and Lauren for making it so special.

To my lovely and most beautiful niece and her sweetie of a husband, Demian and Lauren's partner Matt, I so appreciate the wonderful moments opening presents and the Christmas Carol singing around the table! LOL!

It is my joy to have these wonderful kind spirits around me at Christmastime - and sharing family moments like we did yesterday will not be forgotten. And to capture this picture above, my favourite from yesterdays photo shoot (I know you were not as keen as I!) but one day when you look back at this you will remember all the little details of that precious day. Love you all so much.


Barb said...

Lovely family pics Julie....all the best to you and yours in the coming new year.

Sandy Ang said...

Happy New Year ! I had a lot of fun making new year crackers with Collection Elements tissue papers

Samantha Marshall said...

Gorgeous photographs!!!