Thursday, May 24, 2012

Remembering ATC's

I've got Nicole (Craft Queen) and her mum Ann staying with me at the moment. They are doing the Craft & Quilt show here in Perth at the convention centre in the city. We were talking about ATC's last night and I dragged out the 'ol ATC Binder and went through some of these oldies. I have not looked at them for years actually! The dates for some of the ATC's are starting at 2003, boy does time fly! Looking at them almost makes me want to do some more of them. (click on image to see it in detail) Anyway I thought I might share these ones from my ATC collections. The binder is also something back then we made - I sold these in kit form for the base of the binder and all you did is embellish the front and put your ATC's inside. Have a great day thanks for looking and I will also be doing a little demo at the show at Craft Queens stand on the weekend sometime, so pop down if you like it's on all day each day until Sunday - train stops right out front!

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Pearl Maple said...

Have a great time at the show. ATCs are a fav, and yes i go all out on the front and the back, so much fun to be had on a little canvas