Friday, July 07, 2006

A Long Time Ago

I was cleaning out my garage a few weeks back and found some artboards that I had in "The Rubber Gazette" days and found this little tag I made. It was dated the 6th October 1999. I remember where I made it because it was a special trip I had made to the USA and I was spending time with a friend, Sue Giduck in Kemp (Dallas). Wow how time flies! Sue happens to be a very talented girl and has been published many times in Somerset Studio and also has her own book with Design Originals. The rusty paper in the tag is made by Sue under a big sheet (and I mean BIG) of rusty iron in her back yard. She dampens the paper or what ever she likes and leaves it there for 3 weeks and hey presto rusted paper! And that's where I made this little tag, on the floor of Sue's stamp room! I still have some of it left and have used it for various things, like the rust stamp, back ground for the "Rusty Tiles" and in many other projects. It's funny how we look back at our work from the past and how we change so much over the years and take on different styles, grow to like different media and follow the latest craze. Back in 1999 tags were all the rage, we even gave it a name and called it tag art! I bet if you look through Somerset Studio issues in early 2000 you'll find what I am talking about.

And another piece I found see below - dated 1997 (yikes) was about "Faux Postage" another mad craze, which I still happen to love. I am still a member of the Artistamp Group which is a worldwide group that have a fantastic annual swapping of artistamps. The image of Marilyn is hand carved rubber, again another craze way back then! Geez I nearly forgot about that one. So that what I was doing nearly 10 years ago!

Anyway, hi to all the girls from SAJ's tonight, well it was a buzz of girls wasn't it?
Looks like everyone was having a great time. Hopefully see you all soon at the next meet and I will try to arrange the next ATC day at the end of August or early September.


littledawnieno1 said...

I love that you shared this story julie.I find it very interesting the things you have seen on your art journey.Please have another dig around and find some more treasure for us to peek at.
little Dawnie xxx

France said...

How come I just found out about your blog now, I had to find out via someone from Qld! Hehehe!
nice to see your work, old and new. Missed you at the Aug SAJ.
see you soon.