Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mmm Industria?

What do you think of this new little technique I am calling "INDUSTRIA"? Well it's looks like old metal from a machine shop but it's really made of chipboard (boxboard). It reminds me of a bit of old steel just chucked down on the ground and I have picked it up and worked it with my stamp pads, paint etc. Jenny C & I had a play with this style in Melbourne last weekend. A couple of chicks from Little Bits came to my trade and also had a little play, and they did a super job. I guess this look is not for everyone but I really like the industrial look and I have to admit I want to do a full tile kit in this style. Jenny made the dog tag above and amazingly the reos sort of look like a rusty old washer.

I made this one out of a small clipboard, same size as an ATC, old text (note the wording on the text) which came from a 1942 old calendar, one of those ones you fip each day to a page and get a quirky quote. Geez pretty accurate quote for guys these days! LOL! I am having an ATC day on the 26th August in Perth and I think we could be demoing this to the group on how to achieve this really cool effect, well to those who like it anyway. Sounds like a great theme for an ATC trade, and you won't believe how easy it is....really.
And for those of you in the east, perhaps I should do a little demo at MPA (Paperific) in Melbourne in October in few months time.

This gorgeous pieces by the girls from Little Bit's, Kerry (above) and Teresa (below), gosh this stuff is amazing and I really absolutely love it. I just got it out of my suitcase and I have to post this straight away as I know you will love to see it as well. I have chipboard arrows now and also the photo turns, which NEVER get used for photos but make the cutest little tags. And reos, well what can I say they look pretty spunky as well. The new baby chipboard alpha and numbers are an ideal size for small pieces as these. I am in the process of aquiring some steel ballchain in mega quantities, won't be available for at least 6-8 weeks but certainly worth the wait as the steel type I am hoping to rust. It's also coming in brass and nickle plate, 2 different sizes and that fine one you all love...

So get down and get dirty and DO INDUSTRIA! And the name comes from a shop in Melbourne that sells industrial really ecclectic old stuff!!! It's in Fitzsroy, not far from St. Lukes folks.....



Crozza said...

Mmm Industria I just love it they look so kool ,cant wait to play more with the style

Anonymous said...

i think these look absolutely stunning! can't wait to see them in real life..

littledawnieno1 said...

its the next 'in' thing Im sure julie.Everyone will be doing it.
Looks very cool

Dawn the prawn xxx

Teresa said...

See - Kerry and I told you we were gonna be famous!! Now our work is on your blog. Wait until Kerry sees this!
You must issue a warning with this style - it's soooo easy it addictive.
Seriously tho, it does look fabulous. Looking forward to seeing you at Paperific.


Julie H said...

Just browsed your blog and I am enjoying seeing how you use your own products.

You are such an inspiration.
Art Cheer.

Dotee said...

Hi Julie

Found your blog via Julie Hetherington's blog!

Love this new style. Just my cup of tea.

Look forward to seeing you at Paperific in October in Melbourne!!!

Sulea said...

hi Julie,

Wow didn't know you had a blog. :o) Always such an inspiration! Love 'industria'!