Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Saturday Nite in Melbourne

The Journal
shot of the creating!
the mess on the table
da girls!

Here are the photos of our 5 hour class in our hotel room last Saturday nite. We had a lot of fun sneaking in the girls past reception with table chairs, craft supplies and dinner! It was a big challenge to set the room up for 10 people and get through the complex task of a mixed media paper tile journal in a limited space. We were fortunate to have a 2 bedroom with a lounge and dining room. A quick relocation of hotel furniture and a few additional lights we sorted out the room ready for the girls. They were good sports too as I kept threatening them not to make too much noise as the hotel had a strict NO PARTY policy. I kept telling myself that it was a craft meet not a party? However as the night wore on the girls did a fabulous job working really hard to complete the journal. I am not usually known for setting a simple tasks so there were several techniques and 16 tiles to work. And the girls worked their butts off. Congratulations to them all as I cracked the whip for over 5 hours, and absolutely no one crumpled under the pressure. I admit I was a little hyped up with snakes, peanut m&m's and a few cherry ripes and sushi chucked in for good measure. God only know what would have happened if we had alcohol in the room. We were joined by some very cool chicks, Greta, Donna, Jenny C (Ratty), Sue from Shepparton, Lai Sie, Eva, Michelle, June and Pam. When the class finished I sent them down 2 by 2 as not to arouse any suspicions from the management! LOL. Hey girls you were all great sports and if I had the chance to do it all again I would. I was also my longest single class I have ever taught.


PS. I cut and pasted myself into the photo as we took 2 shots as there was noone available to take it for us!


Michelle said...

Looks a great night Julie. Have just found your blog in a round about way. Love your products and look forward to seeing some more of your creations which are always stunning!

Crozza said...

Oh What a night!!! it was such a great night,julie you rock such a great teacher,Im so glad I was there, they other girls were great as well