Friday, December 08, 2006

More and More ATCs and Industria

Some really great gals gave me these fantastic ATC's at club last week. And I want to thank each one of you for thinking of me.. "THANK YOU!"
Thanks to Elaine B, Julie H, Debbie B, Julie Q, France C, Jenny G, Paper Pixie,Christina B, Michelle J, Natalie B, and for France for hosting the swap and organising the trades to moi!
The ATC on the left is by Elaine B, and Elaine did some road testing with industria for me at MPE in October. Love this girls work.

This ATC below is a really interesting colour using industria, slightly gold tones but really rich and unique, great style Natalie B! Adding the extra colour brings it to life...

I had this sample at MPE to show you what the gold tones look like with the industria style, not everyones choice but you can see the effect is really nice.

The wire ATC below is Jenny C's take on the open ATC using metal flywire and original antique carpenters rule. Jenny has embossed the arrow with a hand embosser. (if you're lucky you can pick and old one up from a swap meet!)

Just a quick note about the ball chain, I finally have it in my hands and will get it packaged next week. Geez did that stuff take forever to get. It's going to come packaged in 2 meter lots with about 12 joiners and will come in the following types:

Brass (the real brass not plated)
1.5mm (really fine one that you all love)

Nickel Plated

Steel (the real steel not plated and you add water to rust!)
the joiners in the steel are Brass ones only as they don't come in steel.

I will be selling joiners as well on their own if you need them.
The ball chain will be in stores very soon.

On another note have you checked out Jenny Crossley's blog and also Kelsey's Blog..... great talented works here. Jenny's work is created from a lot of metal pieces *Metal Girl* and the mum of those little "gins"! LOL and Kelsey has the most amazing sense of humor and is a cool *Techniques Girl* Please go check out their blogs, they are fantasic!
Been a bit of a bad blogger this past month... oops off playing hookie! Sorry....Julie


Natalie B said...

Love all of the Industria swaps I got back. All so unique.. thanks for your lovely comments about my ATC. Cheers Nat

kelsey said...

Great selection of Industria atc's that you received Julie and glad to see you back on your blog again ;-) Nice to see Crozza's one too.

SO glad that you got the ball-chain in, we've all been waiting (im)patiently for that! lol


Maxine Hazebroek said...

Hey Julie, loving all your industria 'stuff' totally cool.

Love all those ATC's cant wait to get back to Perth (I know still another year away) to hang with all you girls back home (It'll go

Take care Julie...thinking about you often.



Kristy C said...

great stuff Julie! I just love your "Industria" stuff!! Glad to have found your blog :)