Sunday, February 04, 2007

On the Road

Last week I wanted to go to Mexico so I booked a trip while I was at home to go to Tijuana just after going to CHA.
I waited for the bus at 8.30am to be told it was cancelled. So later that day I found out how to get there on my own, against all my US friends saying don't go it's dangerous. Well I set off from the Santa Ana bus station and caught a bus which took 2.5hrs all the way down and which took you over the border into TJ (Tijuana). I caught a taxi into the main town and did some sightseeing and took lots of photos. I know that TJ isn't your typical Mexican town, but it was still an experience I had to have. I did Google Earth the place before I left so I really wanted to go. There were a lot of tourist shops, so I didn't buy any of the souviners, but I just wanted lots of photos and I also took some videos. I ate real Mexican food, the corn chips are to die for! and hung out at this cute little restaurant. I have to admit there were not a lot of tourists there, I guess being winter time and all. At the end of the day I went back to the bus station only to find out the bus had broken down, well it was a Mexican bus Co.! I waited around about an hour and a half and then we went on out way to the US border. The border was jam packed and we waited ages to go through. Apparently you get off the bus go through immigration and customs, go out the building and run up the street a little to where the bus will take you back to Santa Anna. Well I didnt know this cos I was the only english speaking person on the bus with all the mexicans (LOL). But I followed everyone and found my way. But was told that the bus would be an hour befor we left. Sooo I was freezing cold and needed a hot drink, so I took off down the road to get a hot beverage... well got back 10 mins later and there was the bus going off down the freeway!!! LOL so had to wait at least another hour and finally got on the bus back to the station. Well here is a pic of what its like over the "border".

At the moment I am in Idyllwild at my friends Sharilyn Miller (previous ed of Somerset Studio Mag) and we are up 6,000ft in her mountain home. And guess what? There is snow up here!!! The scenery is to die for and it was a long (scary) windy road up here and took about 3 hours from Anaheim (where CHA and disneyland is). The squirrels are as big as cats (sorry almost!) and there are chipmonks here but I haven't seen any of those.
Earlier today I walked up the hill right beside the house, well I almost got to the top and got scared (it was a really long way to fall down, really!!) so I took some photos and climbed down..not the pic shown here (thats the peak) but it's so quiet and just what you would imagine a mountain town to be like. Sharilyns house is on 3 levels and I am sleeping in the loft bedroom uptop and it's just like something out of an Austrian village.. The weather has been so lovely here, at night it's a bit cold about zero to about 22c today but there are some spots with snow on the ground.
Thanks for looking....Julie


Stacey Apeitos said...

Wow - Snow in Southern California! Between Mexico and Idylwood you are experiencing some paradoxical moments, aren't you Jools?

Say hi to Sharilyn for me (and take her photo for my Panel of Experts page, PLEASE . . . )

Jen Crossley said...

WOW you love to live on the wildside dont you JVO.What a classic the only english speaking person on the bus LOL I could just see you
Have Fun
Jen Crozza

Natalie B said...

Wow Julie, wondered where you were and why it has been so quiet on your blog. Never thought about the fact that you have been at CHA. LUCKY YOU!! Bet it has been a fabulous experience.. chuck in a bus ride to Mexico and you've defintely had a wild ride.

Cheers Natalie

Julie van Oosten said...

Stacey, I am planning to do a "photoshoot" tomorrow morning with Shazza, hopefully I can get a glamour shot of our "mountain woman!"
Yer and apparently its 38C at the moment where you are, well it's 9c here at the mountain.....

Jen you only live once, maybe if you are lucky get reincarnated, someone might let you come back again....

Nat, hope you get to do the last "club" before you leave us to go to TP. Thanks for your comments....

Adios amigos!!!!

Julie xxx ooo

kelsey said...

So glad that you're making some great memories over there Julie. I've been to Idyllwild too! We have friends who have a mountain house that we stayed at, though no snow at the time...very beautiful place though!

Look forward to seeing your pics when you get back...does this mean a Mexican flavour when you return? lol

littledawnieno1 said...

Hey there happy traveller !

Good for you J,
What an excellent adventure and I'd love to see more pics.Bet the scenery was to die for, but no need for you to tumble down mountains to get the best shot for your stamping buds.

Look forward to hearing about your travels you lucky girl.

Thanks for sharing
Dawnie xx

Evanna said...

Hey mum, Lauren here. I can't believe you went to Mexico all by yourself! I wouldn't have the guts for that, I'd be too scared! And you've been playing in snow???? Lucky duck. Can't wait till you get back, have fun and don't get into too much mischief!
Love Loz

BrigitteS said...

Hey Julie !!
How lucky is that to visit all those places !! photos are FANTASTIC !! i want to go there too !! oh well, maybe in few years when the kids are bigger ?!?!
Brigitte G.