Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fish To Fry

On the weekend my darling daughter Danielle, created this gorgeous bowl of fresh water fish. She chose a ceramic pot, filled it with small pebbles and a lilac water lilly, a hiding hole (jug), added the fish (after the water was conditioned overnight). Now the fish look so pretty in this bowl which sits under the bali hut.
*Update... now there are two bowls of fish and some have now had babies (which are in a small breeder which floats in the bowl.) Apparently if you don't whip the fry out soon after they are born, someones going to eat them !! They are so relaxing to watch and if your put you hand in the bowl they like to nibble your fingers... cute!


littledawnieno1 said...

Looks beautiful Julie, and babies already.So quick.
Hope the local pussycats dont dine out at yours.

Thanks for sharing, it does look lovely

Dawnie xxx

kelsey said...

Watching fish is very addictive Jules! Ask me how I know....we started with one small 3' tank for display purposes and now have two 5' tanks and two 4' tanks all full of breeding cichlids!!! Great power bills!!! lol At least it keeps the 18yo son occupied...his hobby....he gets to clean them ;-)

Sulea said...

i waaaant one!!!! hehe

Julie, is there a water pump in the ceramic pot .. or do you clean it like you would a fish bowl? What kind of fish is in there? :o)

Jen Crossley said...

Looks beautiful JVO very charming and very relaxing to watch.
Watch out for Old ozzie though they would make him a nice little snack Fillet of fish prehaps!!!

carmel said...

Fish are beautiful Julie - our neighbours have a huge pond filled with Koi and it's a great show for the Kookas and cats, some are massive but you could sit and watch them for ages. Carmelx

Julie van Oosten said...

Sulea, there is no pump yet, Dan's going to get one soon. And yes you do clean it like a regular tank.
Not sure of all the fish, but there are swordtails, guppies and lil spotty orange guys. LOL
Update: now there are 30 babies, holly fish city!!