Saturday, March 31, 2007

Steph's Scrapbooking

Earlier this week I popped down to Steph's Scrapbooking to do a little demo. Steph's little shop (in house) is about 80km south in Rockingham. About 20 ladies turned up to learn more about the collections range of products. I packed up my car with as many samples as I could carry (there was boxes of them!) It was so nice to meet lots of new faces and a couple of girls from club. Everyone was very sweet and welcoming. At the end of the night everyone received a little frame kit as a thank you. Here is a pic of the little frame and instructions for same. Hope you all got the chance to make yours to suit.

Open Frame by Collections
Glue the two identical frames together, paint, sand the edges
Cover the other frame in paper and sand edges
Cover the large daisy with paper
Paint the other 3 flowers and sand the edges and
add a nice prima flower to the front.
While you are painting, paint the 2 chipboard reinforcements
Using the word accessories cut and mount the chosen words
onto scrap chipboard to raise them up, cut out.
Glue the finished frames together with the smaller on offset to the larger frame, glue on the flowers and printed words, clip on the letter clip (add ribbon first).
Glue on the reinforcements. Punch a small hole through the reinforcement and through the frame with an awl so you can attach the ball chain for the hanger.
Flatten ONE end of the joiner so it won't slip through the reinforcement, repeat with the other joiner, feed the chain through and attach the joiners.
Tie ribbon to the edge of the frame and the ball chain.

Don't forget to add some photos to the frame. Tip: If the photos are not large enough for the frame, add some card to the back and slot in a few smaller pics!

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Hi Julie !
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