Monday, April 16, 2007

Lil' ole Update

Just an update on things here in Perth..... Firstly it would have been my mums 75th birthday tomorrow if she was still here on earth, and I will always remember her for that special day. Actually on the 20th of April 1987, it was the day she passed away (and don't worry I am not sad!), it's been 20 years now, I find that amazing. My mum was one of those girls that would give you the shirt off her back & and love to feed you!, a very caring loving lady and so loved.
On another note, I have been a busy bee, and designing some new products for Collections. Hopefully ready in a few weeks time and I will be launching it all at Bumble Bee Crafts in Brissy in early June sometime, for the trade only. Remember those little sanders everyone wants and has asked me to make on mass, well finally they will be a regular item, so look out for those in the stores shortly. I have mostly made product for off the page, some nice bits for us 'arty' girls, and a bunch of chipboard items. Don't worry I will keep you posted on everything as soon as I get it all together and packaged.
see ya, JVO


ChiLLi said...

New collections!! Cant wait!
I hope you have a lovely day today remembering your mum and the good times take care

BrigitteS said...

oh oh oh !! new collections !?! yeahhh !! Julie, are u going to put it as well on your blog ? bcos i think u could have perhaps some flyers to be downloaded or s/thing like that ? at least we'll know what to order and the refs through u. (I like to order through u and enjoy our little chat !!)
Can;t wait to see what's in store !
p.s. don't know why but my comment registered twice for your 'Photoshop' article down this one !
Brigitte G.

Jen Crossley said...

SO good to hear that your creating some new goodies for us all,I know it is alot of work for you.
Time does go by so quickly,your dear mum would be so proud of you and what you have done in your life,your mum sounds like a very special lady.

Natalie B said...

Yay new stuff. Can't wait to see what you have and more importantly what you make with it for 'show & tell'... Nat Bxx

kelsey said...

I know whatever you make Jules is going to fly right out the door! The girls just love the Collections stuff - it's so very versatile, great prices and looks fantastic to boot! What more could you want? lol
Like Crozza said, your Mum would've been proud of you ;-)

Dawnie said...

Beautiful memories Julie.How proud she is of you I,m very sure.20 years of looking over your shoulder.My you have kept her entertained.Hugs J.
NEW TOYS ! We can always count on you to get the creative juices flowing. Yep love the little sander.Sent one to a gal in Germany.She loved it of course.
Look forward to seeing all your stuff JVO

Dawnie xxx

Julie van Oosten said...

Awe thanks for the kind words girls, It was great to remember my mummy, she was so kind and loving. . . .

Yeah, some of the new stuff you are going to love, will definately post them on my blog. MMMM feeling a little competition coming on, stay tuned....Jules x x x