Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Twins head to Nirvana

Lauren was reading some of the comments posted recently and wanted to share more of the pics altered that day and has sent some more of these fantasy shots altered in Photoshop 8 CS. Above & below Danielle in angel pose, and their beloved horses! I love the wings, bird wings rather than butterfly wings. They did a lot of coloured ones so here they are to enjoy. PS and Lauren and Danielle thank you for all those wonderful comments, it's alway great to hear them!
thanks for looking JVO....... back to work now!


BrigitteS said...

Hi Julie,
Those pics are also amaaaazing !
ahhh it's good to be young and be able to do anything !! (me with wings ? i'll probably fit some 'wilted' wings !! LOL !!
Gorgeous photos, and very arty love them !

kelsey said...

Love what the girls have done with the wings Jules, the horses look amazing!!!! So are you going to make a piece using some of their imagery???

Jen Crossley said...

Julie the girls are truely talented as well as beautiful.The horses look great,what beautiful images

Jenny said...

Julie your girls are as talented as you are. They are also very beautiful (even without the wings) your should use these in some of your art.

susan j said...

OMG Julie your girls are stunning!! I love what you have done with these photos!! Too cool!! I can't wait to see the new Collections stuff either!!