Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The design process. . . .

As simple as it may be, designs have to start somewhere. I often just jot down a really simple drawing (and I mean simple) on scraps of paper, or when I am really good I draw in my design book ideas of new things and suggestions for products. I do this so I don't forget as I have a short memory for ideas, well there is so many just floating around. It is not unusual to have scrap of paper knocking around the keyboard of my computer to jog my memory for a few weeks before I put it to work to become a real product. BTW any bit of paper is fair game for a drawing!
Here is the process of the "Birdie" and I know ya'll are gonna laugh, but here it is in 4 steps. Now my dear arty friends my scrappy friends have asked me to make these birdies so no laughing cos I might find out you have done these on your latest ATC's or something. Now they are not made yet, maybe in the next 2 weeks, but please getting things manufactured sometimes has it's pitfalls and I may not get these back for a month......oh and they are coming in two sizes......wings are separate as well. best, JVO


Jen Crossley said...

Ceative process 101 Jules the mind boggles .Thanks for sharing your creative process with us (love the scrap of high quality paper on step 1)LOL

ChiLLi said...

Cool Will be waiting for these :)
they look cool

wbv1213 said...

Can't wait for your new products. Looks like my friends & I will be placing an order to be sent to the USA. I'd LOVE it if you'd make the small chipboard alphabet in lower case. PLEASE??

kelsey said...

I know the scrappy girls will be hanging out for these birds, BUT I can also see them being used with long skinny striped legs and a crown...perfect for the arty world! lol

Gretz said...

Trust Kelsey to find an arty slant!!

Thanks for sharing ;-)

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing Julie
Wish I could draw like that i just can't get what is in my mind to go out through my fingers.
Looking forward to seeing these little birds.