Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Prize of 10 new Products!

Okay ladies here is the prize that 3 of you are going to win...... good luck and I will draw it out in about two hours time, 1.30pm Western Australian time...

You will get, the new Flash Cards, numbers and words (2 kinds) there are 8 kinds available, and you can get the flash card mounts to go with these and one pack is in the prize. The new box kits, new narrow frames, new scrolls in both sizes, unique arrows, and those cute/arty keyholes!
And when Debbie draws out the winners, send me your mailing address to:
PS hope you like the new products, available soon at a store near you (I hope!)


Anonymous said...

What a cool prize!!! Your blog is great and I enjoy reading it!

Natalie B said...

Way cool Julie!!

Arty Lady's blog said...

Congratulations girls on your win (boo hoo, my name wasn't there).

Enjoy your products as I am sure you will.

BrigitteS said...

What a cool prize ! snif snif ! i didn't see my name !! anyway, how cool is this !! hope to get some soon in the shops !
Beautiful work Julie ! Heyyy did you practice the french words last time ??

Julie said...

aarrgh rolling around on the floor cyring like a two year old child cause i did not win. no only joking. congrats to you lucky ladies. hope that you have fun with your prizes.
only second time i have been here Julie and I love your blog. Thanks
Love Julie

sherresartmusings said...

Do you know if these products are available in the US? I have looked and haven't found an oline vendore for them even. Would love to order some! Send me an email. Thanks!