Thursday, April 17, 2008

More New things to get you INSPIRED!!

I have to confess I have a little tiny house addiction going on. The middle house is about 8cm high so they are really small. After a bit of work over the past few days, I am excited to show you something I was working on last night till 1.30am. Literally "hot off the press" is the latest range of 6 x 6 papers. Having just released the Vintage Wallpaper 6 x 6 papers at SIA last week in Sydney, I was a bit inspired to do another range. This one is called French Wallpaper. I wanted to design some papers in a teal blue, cream and chocolate tones, so here is the result below. With some "french text" some Victorian designs and some wallpaper I wanted to have something different to "cover" the tiny houses... and other things as well! That doesn't mean if I need a new paper I just can go out and get them printed, I need to sell the first two ranges first! LOL!Today I was fortunate enough to be in the right place a the right time. I can say that this job, the French Wallpaper was printed today here in Perth on a brand new $2.5 million dollar, 8 colour press and my job was the first to be printed on it. So I have the very first piece of paper that went through this amazing machine. If you know a bit about printing, these new machines print CTP, which means computer to plate, so the old "negatives" are done away with and now everything is done on the press. Apparently they print up to 15,000 sheets per hour! Well I took a photo to capture the moment. (my paper was going through the machine at the time) Here are the orginal 6 x 6 papers, Vintage Wallpaper printed a couple of weeks ago.
Now on to other things... more of the latest bits and pieces, transparencies, 4 different types! Great to cut up, use as little pieces for windows. . . . . or put into some frames....
Available in stores soon, as these arrived at my place today. You can cut out some of the indvidual shapes to overlay on ATC's or on a layout etc. I think they will make great pages in a small journal.
This pic of the 3D houses taken at the booth at SIA by the lovely Ngaire This photo makes them look really cute all ganged up together. They do look really nice with a bit of German Scrap to finish them off which I buy from Scraptivate here in Perth. The 3d houses come in 2 different size kits, House Kit #1 has five really tiny houses and House Kit#2 has 4 larger houses (will try to get a pic of it up soon), both kits include full instructions. All you do is cover with paper, glue together and embellish with german scrap, chipboard pieces, tiny braid or buttons. Also you can buy some tiny "village text" to go with the small houses. Some of the sayings include, "My little house", "petite maison", "the village" etc...Well better get off to bed now, nite!

PS. if anyone would like to purchase any Collections product and are from the US, you are welcome to contact me and place an order.


Babsarella said...

What a beautiful line!!! How exciting to capture the moment when your first pages printed on a new machine too. Love your adorable houses, and they are totally stunning in these papers. BTW, will you be shipping some to the US???

Cecile Nichols said...


I love the collection of houses! They are fantastic! I also love the new papers and transparencies--can't wait to get my hands on them!

And, how impressive that your papers were the very first printed on the new printer! That would be amazing to see!

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more!


Wendy said...

As usual...your new products are breathtaking! Absolutely...beautiful &

Natalie B said...

Hi Julie

I would love to buy the new Acetates and the new papers including the ones released at SIA.... can I get them all from scraptivate or you directly??

Hugs Nat

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Julie The new papers are devine girl and those transparences are too die for.
You certainly do inspire us with your wonderful products.
Your amazing

France said...


Genevieve said...

Julie, Julie, Julie, Julie, Julie you really do know how to make us part with our hard earned cash don't you! I was impressed with the last lot of papers (see what I've done with one on my blog here: but these new ones are fantabulous and those transparencies are TO DIE FOR!! I'll be popping in to Scraptivate real soon.


Gretz said...

OH JVO what are you doing to me? I just HAVE TO HAVE those new papers LOL

Linda Cain said...

I LOVE them all, Julie!!! Many who have asked about you Collections have been advised to email you. Hope at least some are coming your way. Just loaded a larger house with some elements from you on my blog...we'll see.
Linda in the USA

Joanne said...

Congratulations Julie on all of your beautiful new papers, I can't wait to get hold of them!

The Paper Pixie said...

No fair Julie! I've not used the other new products yet that I bought last month and now there's more I have to have*grin*
Love it all, the new series is beatutiful and now I'm hooked on little houses too. Thank you for the new inspiration.

The Paper Pixie

Annette Husband said...

OMG Julie
I live in a creative waste land up here in the Northern Territory....all your stuff is gorgeous...hhhmmm need those new papers,and the old ones and the owls and the houses and and and....wonder if the kids can fast for a week and we all walk to work LOL.Will sus out who to order from
Annette Husband

nancyweth said...

A gotta have, beautiful line. And if Wendy, Linda & Cecile like it, then I have to have it too. Please e-mail me about wholesale orders to the U.S.

and thank you!

Tracy said...

CONGRATULATIONS Julie :) What a wonderful line of papers, I can only imagine how exited you must be.
Wishing you all the very best


Dawnie said...

Its all so inspiring JVO, but those wee houses are just too much fun ! Love the new releases, its all YUMMY !!!
Prawnie xxx

Sam Marshall said...

These are so beautiful.

Jenny said...

OMG Julie I read your blog yesterday and went straight from work to Scraptivate and grabbed some paper etc.... It is even more beautiful when you are holding it in you hand LOL!!!

And the accetates - Yum xxx

I cant wait to do my houses - this thing called WORK! gets in the way Ha ha ha ha ha

Hope you are coping with moving soon as well

Luv JEn xxx

Shirley Fyfe said...

Such a gorgeous line Julie - love the new papers & transparencies!

I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a blog award too! Full details are on my blog -

Renee Dowling said...

I'm just lovin this collection range, very inspiring !!!, I'm waiting on a cute chippie owl of yours , which should arrive in the morning, can't wait to sit down and have a play!
WTG you are doing an amazing job, and thanks for a peek at the paper maker!!!

Jack & Cat said...

Fantastic! I love the paper and houses. Such an inspiration.

Cath said...

I just love all your collection range I can't get enough of it!!
Thanks Julie.
Back to Scraptivate I go!!

Absolutely Everything said...

Julie...just to let you know. we received our order from is delicious!!..thanks

Lilith said...

your paprs are beautiful and I wish them great success !!

Lorri said...

Hi Julie,
Gorgeous Papers :)
Will Bumblebee be wholesaling them? Or are they a direct from you line?
I would love to stock them instore, and have been purchasing your product from BB so far.

cookievf said...

Fellow paper addict here, from the US! Your vintage wallpaper is phenomenal and would love to learn more about purchasing:

Thanks, Julie
- Vicki

sadhana Srivastava Choudhary said...

Hi, I'm Sadhana, and I am from New Delhi, India!
I ran into your blog quite by accident while trying to locate the manufacturer of a beautiful French Wallpaper. The Indian dealer/importer is a co. called Elementto, and the product is called "NIRVANA/ VP-629-01.

It is beautiful, imitates the coat and texture of an animalskin. I designed some bedroom furniture around it for which I would need 20 sq ft. The dealer wont sell any qty below 75 sq ft! Thats way too much for me to invest in, at Rs 200/sq ft.
Would you know any way I could source the qty I need from the manufacturer or designer?
I know this might be a bit far fetched, kind of hitting in the dark, but we Indians have a lot of faith in Miracles! And believe me, Miracles do happen!
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.