Saturday, May 03, 2008

Moving House

It's that time to move...again! I'm moving the warehouse as well (***@??!!)It's a huge task and a great time for a clean out as well, re-organise and find lost items! However some things are not as smooth as you would like. So I am posting my mobile phone number on here in case you can't get to through to me after Wednesday of next week, 0410 942 002 or you can email me at (which is the safest bet). Telstra are having difficulties installing another line for my office. I have also had another line connected for my fax as well. And, as of today that's not working either. I've got my normal fax number being diverted on Monday to that line, let's hope it's all up and running next week. So if you fax me on Monday and don't hear back, please call me. I apologise for any inconvenience.
I would like to thank everyone for their lovely comments on blogger. The new line has been well received and I do hope everyone has been inspired to make lots of lovely creations with the new chipboard and papers. All of the new transparencies have been hot items and I never would have guessed that the branches would be incorporated into so many projects. Below are a few more items in the Collections range, starting with 3 different journals, some tiny tiny windows and some new frames. I also revamped the sanders. The latest one is called the Flexi Sander and there is a very flexible and thin sander for all the tight spots.

On Tuesday evening 7pm - 9.30pm, 6th May, I will be at Scrapbook Central doing a mini class, and you will need to call the store on 9301 1200 to make a booking.

Later in the month am due to do a Collections launch at Scrapbooks from the Heart on the 27th May at 7pm, if you want to attend please call the store on 9456 4515.

I'll keep you posted on how the phones are going in the next few days....... Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I know what I will be doing, unpacking and getting started for the coming week.

PS hope all the girls in Tassie are having a ball with Jenny Crossley, who is doing classes down there!! Jen the girls all want you in Perth!! Come and play with us! Please.......


Linda Cain said...

WOW!!! I LOVE the houses!!!! They are too cool for words!
Great Job!
Linda Cain

Sam Marshall said...

I LOVE looking at your beautiful work!!! Soooo beautiful.

France said...

Nice eye candy Julie! WOW!
Good luck with the moves!!! Eeek, don't envy you one bit, but when it's all over I am sure you'll be pleased (and happy it's all over, to say the least!)

Xanapan said...

Love all the new stuff.
Good luck with the move!!