Friday, May 09, 2008

Phone Update

Hi all, just an update on the phone situation. Unfortunately Telstra have not connected my business phone line, even after applying for it weeks ago. So if you need to call me please do so on my mobile 0410 942 002. I do have a fax that's working same number (08) 9302 6099. I don't have my Internet connection either (Thanks to Telstra) who guaranteed it would be going today. So if you email me after today I might not see it, so please call or fax if it is urgent. I will let you know when my phone is hooked up.
Finally I will be having a short break from the office from Tuesday 13th May until 18th May, I will be in the office on Monday 19th.
Once I get back the internet, I will post some more pics.... **!!##?? I hope!
bon voyage,

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Hope you had a great Mums day yesterday and heres wishing you a nice restful break,

see ya soon

Luv Jen xxx