Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Some visions of a peaceful, colourful island. A place to be, a place to see. A journey to a beautiful land. Sunset at Tanahlot in May 2008. All photos were taken on a trip last month to the beautiful island of Bali.
The view looking out to sea right after breakfast, doesn't the pool inviting? The water is like a bath, warm and it's view is luxurious.......
Little ladies waiting to take a dance class at the palace grounds in Ubud. Drinks of freshly grated coconut milk in the disposable plastic bags {poppa plastic!}. The colours and the contrast of sepia make the picture look like it could have been taken at the turn of the century. These cute little ladies performed the Barong dance in a rehearsal which was so lovely.

One of my favourite dishes that I ate, many many times mmmmm. . . .
Nasi Campur (pronounced champur) You get fish curry, chicken satay, vegetables, prawn crackers, rice, peanuts that have been fried, sambal, egg and all costs about $3-$4, this dish I ate at Murnies in Ubud.....

I took so many photos that I will post some more of them over the next few days.......

The stunning colour stack of sarongs at the markets in Ubud.
The thatched roof of the bali hut I was lying under right beside the pool.
Taken in the gardens of the Palace in Ubud. The face of a Barong carved in stone.


Jenny said...

The photos are awesome Julie, glad you had a great time away and got to relax..... look at all those colours as well and that pool OMG imagaine waking up to that every day
Luv Jen xxx

Jen Crossley said...

The photos are just beautiful JVO I wish I was there

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