Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Recently, last month I had a surprise party for my 50th! yep the big five-o, and I had a wonderful party with all my family and friends. I am still getting over the fact that so many people who helped arrange in secret this fantastic party. I will never forget it, it was believe it or not my first party.
Some of the girls well a few of them from Scraptivate, made this wonderful, extraordinary, stunning and a HUGE lot of tiles as a gift, I think 156 in total. Audrey Underwood designed it and used colours that she knows I love, and I love it with a passion and I will always hold it dear to me. It will be a focal point in the entry hall of my house so everybody can see the talent and art of these wonderful girls. Even the twins pics were downloaded off the Internet printed, and incorporated into this fantastic piece. Thank you to, Audrey Underwood, Maxine Hazebroek, Mel, Kelsey, Natalie and items from her lovely store.

Some of the close up details of the canvas, with the twins photos, and check out the amazing details the girls went to to create the tiles. Gosh they used so many different techniques, papers and embellishments.
Thanks so much G I R L S ! ! ! ! ! xxxxxx


Sam Marshall said...

Wow!!! Utterly beautiful!!!!

Cecile Nichols said...

What a beautiful and meaningful birthday gift, Julie!! And what a beautiful display of friendship!

Happy 50th birthday to you and thank you for sharing the great photographs!


France said...

Happy Belated Birthday Julie!!!!
What a gorgeous piece of artwork!

Jen Crossley said...

Wish I could of been there JVO,Im so glad the day was so special you deserve all the happiness in the world
PS 50 No way girl

NessH said...

hope u did have a great day Julie..and the tiles could look at it everyday till you turn 51 and still see something different..there is just so much stunning work truely are loved by alot of people..

Megan B said...

I heard from the girls you got a big shock, it was hilarious that day to hear you say that you were just going to crop all night and have time with the girls, especially when I was there while they were discussing how they were going to make excuses to get away!!!
Happy belated birthday, Julie. Hope it was a great start to the year ahead.

Megan oxo
PS That canvas bloody rocks!!! Sooo jealous, hope they make me one for my 5oth, lol!!!

Anonymous said...


happy 50th too.. you look about 35.
from your looks every bit as old as she is. plus a few more friend..

Audrey said...

You are a precious friend, and deserve a precious gift. We love you.

Daffie Online said...

I can do nothing but agree...this is AMAZING!

Congratulations :-)

Gretz said...

What an amazing canvas for an amazing gal!

Glad you had a great day !

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Odetta's Scrap-walk-in-closet said...

This is a very inspirable blog!
It must be feeling very great to get a big piece of ART as birthdaypresent.
It is beautiful!

I love your chipboard-elements.

Kind Regards from the Netherlands,


n8tvtexan said...

Happy 50th birthday!!! What an amazingly beautiful birthday gift! You truely have a fantastic group of friends.

France said...

What a gorgeous piece of work!!! And how pretty to have your twins in there too!!!
A little bird (or two!) told me of your bubbly adventures, when will you give us some eye candy?


Wendy Smith said...

wow..that is truely are a lucky lucky girl

Happy birthday for a while ago