Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Posting FINALLY!

Wow I have been a naughty blogger haven't I? I can't believe I have not blogged for nearly 2 months. I have a few people on my case to get something up. Firstly, I want to thank everyone for all the kind comments on the last post. I am still enjoying looking at the tile canvas with all the intricate details. So many people that have come to my home, who do not know anything about papercraft of scrapbooking absolutely LOVE IT! By the way you can take this project (the actual sized one) as a class at Scraptivate. You can call the store or pop in to find out when.

I thought I might show you some buttons that I covered on this 8 x 8 sampler. The chipboard buttons are fairly new. They are so easy to cover and I love the texture of fabric. I have a stash of tea dyed muslin fabric and I used only the round buttons for this part and tied them with some DMC thread. Once glued and covered I scratch around the edges to give them a frayed look.

It's also nice to cover them with paper, transparency, paint and use little metal embellishments including wire to hold them in place. I also like using eyelets as it gives a good definition of the holes.

On another note, I will be trading as normal over the Christmas break, and January 2009. If you need to purchase stock I am happy to mail orders out as normal. I won't be going anywhere, like on holidays etc...In January 2009 I am off to Newman, which is north of Perth to do a special weekend workshop for RTlicious. I've never been officially past Geraldton so I am excited to see some of the northwest of Western Australia and meet the lovely girls that live there. Later in the year I plan on heading to Sydney again for the SIA trade show at Homebush. I am looking forward to releasing some lovely new products at the show. That's at the end of March 2009, in case you were wondering. Then I have been invited to Canberra by the lovely Lana McMurray for a weekend of teaching classes at the end of July. Will post details of both events as they get nearer.

And there are some pics from Melbourne that I needed to put up from Paperific that was on in October! Here are Jenny and Sarah contemplating where stock needs to go on the wall. It's a big job and this year took over 5 hours to set up. A full pallet gets shipped from Perth to Melbourne and takes several weeks to put together.

After the 5 hours the stand is complete, thanks to the efforts of the girls and they were really exhausted at the end of it. The booth looked fantastic thanks to Jen and Sarah. We, (Jen & I)shacked up with the Scraptacular boot camp girls (we were scared!). They had an army type uniform with boots, dog tag jewellery! And those chicks really know how to party!

Jenny and Sarah took care of 300 make and takes, some people were good about waiting. We had a six tile tag with embellishments all over it so it took about 15mins to complete. We are supposed to have 3 people at a time but Jen being the sweet girl that she is, loves making people happy, slotted in another 3 to make 6 at a time! Thanks Jen and Sarah for being so generous with your skills at teaching!

The other thing that is keeping me off the streets is a sorta small little hobby thing. I have always had a passion for handmade soap, the cold pressed type where you add wonderful oils like olive, coconut, palm and cocoa butter, shea butters and then add some essential oils to make the best soap right from scratch. Not only do you end up with soap that is wonderful for your skin, there seems to be a therapeutic value in making your own. For the last 20 years I have been buying it from the markets, but now I have been making my own and loving it. I have also been dabbling in lotions, lip balms, shampoo, and soy wax candles. It's a totally different thing to papercraft which I have enjoyed for the last 20 years, however it has been a nice distraction and... my house smells so good! Here are some of my soaps, BTW I have been selling them as I made over 300 bars! LOL!

Here are some of the soaps on the curing rack, below (Ikea shoe racks, a new ones of course!) Oh turn away if you don't like the nude body soap! I make some with scents of lavender, rosemary, honey and oatmeal, sandalwood, lemon scented gum, eucalyptus, and many more luscious scents. I also add some botanicals of lavender rose buds and calendular petals to name a few. I mustn't forget the goat milk soap which is very close to our ph and is fantastic for people who have excema and other skin problems.

The last 2 months I have been pottering around with plants, and we have a HUGE vege patch going out back. Lots and lots of tomatoes, at least 50 plants. So far we have 43g of tomatoes picked! We are hoping for kilos tho! We have lots of kinds like, 5 types of tomatoes, 2 types of eggplant, several types of onion, lettuce. We have managed to grow bok choi, chinese cabbage, chillies, broccoli, beans, lebo cucumbers, zucchinis, more pumpkins than we should, and the same goes for watermelons! Did I mention corn, capsicum, carrots, broad beans, english spinach, rocket, coriander, parsley, mint, rosemary, thyme, basil? It goes without saying there are no chemicals on anything we are growing. If there are bugs they get picked off and sent directly to my sweet friend Joanne, and her quails eat them!

It's fascinating looking at how quickly the veges grow and as we have had plenty of rain for November and some of December, which is unusual. Lucky tho the plants may very well fry!
On the weekend, Deb's and I packed up all of our junk and went to Glendalough Primary School (Wandara) for a car boot sale. It was my old primary school, and even thought they had knocked down some of the classrooms there was still the old canteen and grade seven build to remind me of "the olden days". Brought back some fond memories it did! One of my school mates who came to the sale, that I hadn't seen since high school recognised me. We haven't seen each other for at least 35 years! It was so wonderful to see her again! But it was a shock!

Deb's (I call her Debs, it's her nickname) and I did quite well with our junk considering it wasn't a big event. A lot of my old stamp pads and new ones I don't use anymore went to new homes along with some stamps. Oh and I sold a few candles and soaps, "sweet"!
So that's my news so far, thanks for looking, Julie


Teresa said...

It sure is good to hear from you Julie!

NessH said... do you do u find time..Collections, soap, homegrown vegi's???? is there anything you can't do..thanks for a great read..

Pauline said...

Julie, you never do anything by halves! Did you know there's such a thing as a "hobby"? The soap looks fab.

We're coming to Perth soon - Yay!

France said...

Yay, soap!!! See you soon!!
Love the new pics of everything, very jealous of your garden!!

Gretz said...

Love the Buttons! AAnd the soap looks DIVINE (How do we order?) ;-)


Ann G. said...

Go the organics!!!! We'll have to swap vege seeds one day - do you have red & white carrots (plain orange are SO boring)! I'd offer some strawberry plants but little G eats or is that inhales most of the fruit *grin* Love your new hobbies. Merry Christmas.

Dawnie said...

It all looks so fab and I just adore the soap. Good enough to eat !!! Now hope I get to sample some of those and have you got a low lather olive oil soap ? Good for wet felting.
A great post and worth the wait
Hugs ya

Sarah said...

Your one busy lady Julie. Your vegie patch sure is kicking along there, unlike mine. Your soaps look very yummy too, only if there was smellablog. Thank you for allowing me to play with you and Jenny at Paperific, I had a wonderful time the whole weekend. But where are those new papers??LOL

Suze said...

Julez...holy HAVE been busy and it sounds fabulous. It's so funny to see you, in december, wearing summer clothes because it is like 12F here which is super, duper cold....way below freezing!
Keep blogging the hell else can I keep up with you...altho..there is SKYPE..remember !!!

Jen Crossley said...

You have been a very busy Bee girl.
I love your new soaps speaking from experience they are wonderful and smell divine.
Love your garden