Friday, December 12, 2008

Cheeky Girl

My cheeky little girl Lauren sent me this pic yesterday. She got her licence! Yay, I am so proud of her. She looks very happy here in her car with her sister Danielle in the passengers seat. Being mums you always worry when your little doves go out in the world driving. Lauren turned 21 in October so she has been practising for quite some time to get her licence. It's a bit more difficult to get your licence now here in WA. Years ago when I got my licence (I was 26!) you only needed to have a few lessons, I had 7 and then you could do your test. Nowadays you need to have 25 hours actual driving (with another driver) after you pass your test (second phase) and then you can drive alone. Hey does everyone remember driving in a car alone for the first time? I still remember that freaky moment! LOL!


France said...

hehehe, congratulations to Lauren. How about Danielle, will she drive too, or just count on her sister?
I just got a "second first time" recently, after not driving for 10 years (since I moved here) I too got my plates!!! And I still feel weird when I drive alone (didn't at all 10 years ago, but now it feels so weird!!!)... and FUN! As I still had all my papers from 10 years ago, lucky me didn't have to do the 25 hours, or the P plates! So watch out driving around Fremantle, I might be on the road! LOL! Come see my mocha soap on my blog Julie!! (when you have a minute!)

Jen Crossley said...

WOW I cant believe it ,she is cheeky isnt she.
Congrats to Lauren