Monday, August 03, 2009

ACT Canberra!

I had the wonderful opportunity of teaching classes at Greehills, Canberra, ACT this past weekend. The annual event by the ACTSA organisers & committee was a special event that was set in the hills outside Canberra in this lovely setting. The attendees stayed over 2 nights (with a few day trippers) in the cabins. With meals, classes and the facilities open all night there was an enormous amount of time in which to create and spend time with fellow members in this beautiful setting.

The views of the hills and landscape outside were spectacular, the food was really fantastic, and most of all the company of the 45 ladies, their kindness and skills were just tremendous to say the least. Everyone made me feel so special and I thank you all again for such a warm and fun weekend. A special thank you to Lana who supplied everything I needed to make me feel comfortable including the poster of a rugged "bloke" in a 44 gallon drum! Rat's I wish I had taken a photo of that. (you needed to see the poster, really!)

How wonderful to look out the window and see this whist working! BTY the "kangaroochies" were the biggest I had ever seen in my life (and yes I was born here!), we nearly ran one over on the way in from the airport. I find it incredible that they are able to open the doors of the cabins. The girls warned me about it and I thought they were joking, so I didn't lock my door and alas I froze in the night and awoke to see the door of my cabin wide open. The temp did get to minus overnight, crikey! Okay I do not believe the emus open doors tho!
Lana (right) and one of the girls, sorry sweetie forgot your name (where is your name tag!!!)

The view from my side of the demo table, holy cow I must have said something funny at the time.
More views from the demo table!
A large portion of the girls love making cards and ATC's.

This is the last day in the afternoon on the Sunday and a few girls had to leave early but most of the girls were still working hard on the "art boxes". We started early with card classes on the Saturday morning with a break for lunch and then in the afternoon it was the tile journal class. I was amazed how dedicated the girls were in finishing their Collections projects and worked well into the evening and when I left at 11pm some were still hard at it. All I can say was that the whole group were so focused on working and working and concentrated on the task at hand which was great for me as it's not easy teaching such a large group.
Everyone made it easy for me and listened to all instructions given and embraced the "Collections" style. The finished work was exceptional and their skill was at a really high level. On Sunday afternoon they presented me with a beautiful handmade folder filled with ATC's that they had made with their names signed on the inside cover. What can I say they treated me like a princess! Not only did they take time to make this wonderful gift they presented me with a beautiful hard cover book on Asian Spas and Cuisine. That was such a wonderful thought and to know that they took time to find out about what things I like in life (and they got it so right) that meant so much to me, it really did!
What an amazing weekend with you all, I'll never forget it! TFL, Julie xxx


ChiLLi said...

Looks like you had a great time Julie!

Jen Crossley said...

I bet the girls had a wonderful time with you as there teacher.
It was so great to see you yesterday Miss you heaps

kelsey said...

I agree with Jen, great to have lunch with you two yesterday and yes, you should've taken a picture of the hottie in the drum! Now you'll just have to bring it to the shop to show me!!! lol

Looks like the girls had a blast with you, how could they not!

drmarty62 said...

Hi Julie
That's Chris Bennett in the photo with you. Looks like a great weekend

Angie Delarie said...

looks like fun> and a great place to adventure to!