Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Soap

Not a lot has been really happening here in Perth for me... I have been making lots and lots of soap. My latest creation on the curing rack today is: "White Tea & Ginger". It's smells absolutely divine! I have also curing on the rack lots of Honey & Oatmeal, zesty lime citrus, blue gum eucalyptus, tea rose, lemon scented gum, lavender, peppermint & rosemary, honey toffee (like lush's Honey I washed the kids!), Orange & Sandalwood with poppy seeds, and a HUGE LOG for bonbonarie that is going to be 28 soaps. I have yet to make another batch of tea rose of 32 bars.

I have been catching up with Gabbie via the net, she lives in Melbourne and does amazing things with soap. Not only that she is the best web designer on the planet! check out her blog and look at her site for soap!
I guess that's about 25kg of soap I have made, so I will be offering that soon to my friends and family here in Perth. You can imagine what my lounge area smells like, well I keep my curing racks in there as the heater does help to dry out the soap.

On another note getting ready to plant out the vege patch with seedling etc, too bad the weather is a bit rough at the moment but all the earth is prepared with chicken poop! It will be the last time I can use that lovely space here in the rental as this time next year I will be moving to a new house. I am in the pre start stage at the moment but it will still take a year to build, just gotta be patient.

The twins and friends are back from their New Zealand trip a couple of weeks ago. They had the best time driving around discovering the south island. Skiing, climbing glacier, jet boating, motorbike riding. It was their birthday pressy and Christmas pressy combined!

Joined with 3 other girlfriends they drove around themselves in a 4 wheel drive. Lauren was still on her P plates and still did a bit of driving, what was she thinking! Moreover mum though it was a bit much!

The glacier climb was the toughest day with a 7-8km return walk with plenty of steps and crack and crevasses to climb through. I know I would have been scared if I did it.

Apparently they were ski legends and managed the intermediate ski slope straight off, having never skied before. Must be all that horse work and leg strength that helped them stay upright. Glad my babies are back home safe and sound!

Hope ya have a great weekend and thanks for looking! Julie

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Gretz said...

They look great JVO but you really should be designing new collections products ;-)

I am loving the 3D boxes ;-)

When are you coming to Melbourne to teach some classes???