Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting ready for Adelaide

Just packing kits today for my classes in Adelaide in about 12 days. I am looking forward to seeing Charlotte's new classroom and getting my hands dirty doing demos at the Papercraft Roadshow.
In the meantime I have been designing new products for SIA, which seems a long way off to be waiting until May to do a release, so I might release a few products before then. Had a wonderful day and evening (till the wee hours) with the lovely Audrey Underwood making samples and working with a few of the new product prototypes that I have here. It's easy to get all inspired when you have a kindred spirit working next to you. Well Audrey did create the most divine and very richly worked projects. Sorry to tease you but you know what her work is like, really wonderful and creative. I worked on some vintage colour pieces as I will be using a colour theme for some of the products at the show. Sneak peeks will not be up for a while yet, but in due course I will put them up on my blog. Later in the month I have some news as well - a bit of a tease here!
on a nother note:
Last night I was hunting around on the net (as you do, late at night) and I found this incrediable video footage by Audrey's son Liam Underwood. This guy is amazing and well the footage, I can't imagine how hard it was to film these guys, I know I have tried myself. The music is also amazing, so sit back and wait for it to load on the original site in HD (High Definition). Just the most amazing film maker!

Monkey Forrest. Ubud, Bali - Canon 7D from Liam Underwood on Vimeo.


Teresa said...

Julie - you are such a tease!! Can't wait to see what you and Audrey have been up's bound to be amazing.

ChiLLi said...

cant wait!!! .. love Liams Movie!

Genevieve said...

Great movie, thanks for sharing it on your blog. And the music was just beautiful. Any more thoughts on that art/spa retreat in Bali?


Audrey said...

aawwww,,Miss Julie thanks for your kind words about Liam and I. Loved creating with you and your new products are just the thing to get my creative juices going, it was fun. *mwah*

sanjeet said...'s bound to be amazing.
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