Wednesday, February 10, 2010


As you may know I am heading off to SIA but it's not until May 4th & 5th in Sydney at homebush. I have a link to their blog. SIA 2010
Apparently we are having some wonderful instructors like Ngaire Bartlam and Nic Howard a few USA girls, so name a few.
Of course Audrey Underwood will be winging her way over with me to do the make and take on the booth (she's everyones favourite girl) as she packs in so much and shares so much with her creative talent. Soooo.. if you are wondering about attending please do, I have heard it's going to be a fun filled show. And Collections is going to be showing off many, many new products. We are very excited about our new releases. The show is for trade tho, but I wish everyone could go! But I am hoping to do some videos and upload them to youtube and put them on the blog - you can see Audrey in action, that will be fun!
I'm off tomorrow morning to Adelaide, looking forward to that fun weekend, and when I get back from teaching and demoing I will be back finishing my designs and hopefully having a little comp to win some new product! (later in the month). So stay tuned, it's all very EXCITING!


Gretz said...

YAHHH new products whoo hoo - they aren't too scrappy are they Jules???


Butterfly said...

Hi Julie
I attended all 3 of your workshops in Adelaide and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed them. You are a wonderful teacher and a inspiration to us all. I learned so many new and interesting techniques which I am eager to put into practise.
Thank you for preparing all the kits for us - it made everything so easy to follow. I hope I am forutnate enought to attend more of your workshops sometime in the future. Cannot wait for the release of all your new products!!
I wish you well in your future endeavours. Cheers - Helen Reiters

mrs_docko said...

Hi Julie,
Was lovely to meet you and see your demo at the Papercraft roadshow today. I really enjoyed your damask techniques that you were sharing with us. You are certainly a very talented lady. Now that I have located your blog I will certainly keep in touch with your creations that your share here.
A little jealous of your trip to Bali too..... I'm a fan of Indonesian places and people.

sanjeet said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun Julie
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