Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Arrivals!

I am really excited as I have just received the new paper ranges for Collections. Been hiding the last few weeks getting lots of new products manufactured and some samples have been made. It's funny how you get really inspired when you have new things to play with. Yesterday I got that thing you get when you start making something and you do more and more and then you don't know when to stop! I've kept my new paper range true to Collections style as I love that old world look so much. So my samples will reflect that look. There will be a lot of "arty objects", some cards and wonderful displays of the paper ranges!
Not sure if you have been onto the Collections site and then to the blog thats there but I put this pic up of the flat spools that will be released in May. I know that's a long time off to wait but it will be worth it! I think we could all do with some inspiration, I know I have been a bit uncreative over the last few months, but I think that will change shortly.
At SIA I will be doing a 2 hour class ("What if.....?") and it will be filled with as much as I can pack into the 2 hours, technique, style and inspiration. And of course lots of "Tiny Things!".
"Wanting to share and INSPIRE!" thanks for looking Julie


Gretz said...

You are such a tease Julie. When are you coming back to Melbourne for more classes?

Audrey said...

Oh,,,oh, oh!!!!! May's not that far away Miss Julie ;0) I can feel some Sneak Peeks happening through April,,,,what do you think. I'm so EXCITED!!! SIA,, here comes Collections *mwah*

Julie van Oosten said...

Thanks ladies!,@Gretz, there is some nice vintage good for arty stuff, hopefully Melbourne Paperific or perhaps at Jules shop for classes later in the year. Miss Audrey "you have something nice to share, don't you?" xxx

sanjeet said...

Amazing pic of footage Julie
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Jen Crossley said...

oh your new goodies look amazing girl,well done again for making my heart race a bit quickier with excitement at the site of new collections goodies Hope you have fun at SIA

Svetlana said...

Hi Julie, Long time not seen but as I can see you've been busy creating some exciting stuff. I’ve been waiting for the ATC day to happen; anything in sight? Hugs, Svetlana