Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sneak Peek!

A little sneak peak of the new "classic window" with a hint of new transparency called "old text". The window is actually on the transparency and displayed on a stand so the window looks like it's floating.
I've been creating all day with Audrey Underwood and getting ready for the big launch soon. There is a message in the window that will be revealed at SIA. It's a bit cryptic I know but I have got some lovely surprises in store for you all.
Pulling this vast range of new product together has not been easy, wearing the hats of many the last several weeks, designing, organising manufacturing, catalogue work, sample making, class designing, very long hours. Don't get me wrong it is a job I love, especially sitting creating in pyjamas and making things up as you go along. One thing surely amazes me is that you can do so much if you put your mind to it.
A big thanks to Audrey, Mel and Max for their kind support and help making samples and most of all for their kindred spirits!
Please stay tuned for more sneak peeks as we lead up to SIA! Oh and yes some give aways soon!


Peta's page said...


Gretz said...

LOVE it Julie!!

YIPPPEEEE can't wait for more sneak peaks ;-)

Samantha Marshall said...


Joanne said...

Thanks Julie for more fantastic stuff for us to play with :)

Jen Crossley said...

Very nice how big is the frame?

Julie van Oosten said...

It's a little larger than an ATC size!