Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time for another sneak peak!! {updated}

Another sneak peak from the new range of Collections. In this sneak we are using the new Transparency called Old Text. Its designed so you can cut it up to insert behind window frames, (like the new small Classic Window Frame) and for it to act like broken glass. I particularly like this one as there are several other elements to cut out and place among your creative pieces. There is a hint of some of the new Elegant Labels, which come in the two main colours light kraft and white, which again is a favorite of mine because I am into Antique Vintage distress ink for colourising all of the white when I need those antique looks.
There will be four new transparencies released including the Old Text above, and I have redone the sold out "Dream Text" and "Vintage" from the previous range as I had so many requests to bring those back. It's nice to see some of the range as a mainstay of your collections adding them to your repertoire of essential product to keep on hand, which is great for Collections.

And Audrey Underwood has sneaked her latest creation on her blog as well.

On another note:
Anyone who is attending SIA and taking my class, please bring these additional items plus your basic tool kit, 1. Antique Linen distress ink from Tim Holtz, 2. white glue, (fine tip), 3. a soft flat brush (coarse brushes will be not allowed!) to complete the project that I am teaching in my "What if... Your New Style Was White Vintage" class. The class runs for 2 hours and is $25, payable to SIA, bookings for the class see the site SIA . It also lists the basic tool kit requirements on the site. At this stage I have no idea if the class is booked out or not. I am only able to teach one class at the show this year, however it is a 2 hour class and I have jam packed lots into that class. I have also taken the liberty to prepare some of the mundane work so you will have more time to complete the project. I cannot wait to show you as the show nears, we have so many exciting new things to share I can hardly contain myself! Don't forget the Make and Take on the booth, we always have something to make that you will love. Audrey will be the tutor for the make and takes. Just a reminder to bring your business cards to the show, they are great for introductions and future contact details!

Audrey and I had a marathon day creating yesterday and I had some kits to pack and catalogues to sort and things to pack for SIA but we made (mostly me) the hugest mess which I will send over a pick later today. Do you get in a mess when creating? I know I do. I get pumped and don't care what happens on my table I just want to get the piece finished not matter what the fall out! I am one of those people who don't clean up as I go along, then I can't find my scissors or my sander that is buried under the mess on my table. Sometimes I try to plan to be neater but it never works! Oh well back to the mess.... Now that some of you are up early because of Anzac Day perhaps you could pop into your studio and have a little play..............

Here's the pic of the mess from last night, actually it's worse than it looks here. Good thing I had to pack some kits today or it would have stayed like this longer!


Gretz said...

Argghh you are killing me - is the crown a new product too?

The sample looks amazing. And now I am getting my craft room in order I have a new rule - clean up after every project - yeah right how long will that last LOL??

Jen Crossley said...

The new products look Great JVO well done

Audrey said...

Its a productive mess :D

Blossom inch said...

wow, they really look alike - I mean the twins.