Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time Out in Freo

Today I took time out in Freo to relax and spend quality time with the twins. We headed to the markets first and it didn't take the girls long to spot delicious hot bread at the famous bakehouse Lawley's. A sour dough and some flat herb bread under arm we wandered through and found some wonderful freshly popped honey-coated popcorn and some spicy roasted sunflower seeds at the hot nut stall. The girls not even wanting to look at the general merchandise we made our way to Soho cafe and had the most delicious pizza. We spotted one coming out of the wood fired oven as we were walking past. We couldn't resist so we went in and ordered a prosciutto, caper, olive, anchovy and feta cheese pizza and demolished it in seconds. Dani had a yearning for a Gelati, and as Freo is famous for the many gelato/icecream shops so she got her wish of freshly churned pistachio icecream. Lauren found a bubble tea shop and ordered a taro tea for me. It was a very disappointing tea, I do like the ones in the city the best.
Got a great shot of the town hall building in the shopping area of Freo. It was one of those clear crisp sky blue days, however I do like black and white photography. But you'll have to imagine that really blue sky in the background!
Don't you love the wrought iron work on this building? It always feels like you are in another city when you visit Fremantle and I found this amazing wall pictured below of peeling paint and parts that had broken away to reveal the layer of plaster and stonework underneath. This was quite a large area shown here, you had to see it in the real though. It might make a lovely brush for use in photoshop.
Just next to this wall was a mural so I asked Lauren to pose for a photo and her black dress makes a lovely contrast to the art on the wall.
We all had a great day in "Freo" as we here in WA affectionately call the port city of Perth. xxx


lindacreates said...

Your day sounded delicious! Your girls are beautiful and look lovely in the photos. I am excited about your new collections coming out. Jen keeps me up to date.

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