Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Frame Sides Triple Layered and 3D Wings

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent some time with the lovely ladies at Tomorrows Memories here in Perth as they were celebrating their 6th Birthday!!! Congratulations!
And in the morning they had the yummiest, sweetest cupcakes hot cups of tea and lots of fundraising for the Biggest Morning Tea, supporting the cancer council (research) and raised more than $1,000.00! wow what a huge effort. After lunch I did a make and take for the ladies who had booked in for an all day crop. I had a great time and ended up making some spools with Marilyn and her daughter Kathy, who works at the store (who are the sweetest girls) . It was such a rainy day and was just perfect for creating indoors. I don't know why but whenever I go to Tomorrows Memories it's always raining!
Let's take a look at the pic above and you will notice a few things. The 3D Angel wings are 'going the same way' a nice touch if you have the right photo and situation. In the pic is a sample of how you could put together the Frame Sides. I have layered them 3 times, hence the triple layered style. I have actually put them onto a backboard of my own choosing as you don't get backboards in the pack only the sides. They are easy and fun to create with and make a frame to suit what ever size you may need. I did use a double layer of the wider of the 2 frame sides in the pack and then the top one is gently rounded on the edge of a table on the long side, to give it some dimension. I also whacked a generous amount of white on the frame and proceeded to 'scratch it up' whilst it was still wet with some scrap paper that was scrunched up. Soon I will put up a video on how to make these adorable frames as soon as I get a spare minute or two.
At the bottom of the frame are some of the Antique Plaques which look stunning when you layer a few together. It's all in the details really. How cool of Lauren to pose in this photo just so I could put wings on her... perhaps when you are taking the next shot of your kids you could get them to stand a little sideways! thanks for looking.


Teresa said...

Gorgeous Julie!

Gretz said...

Beautiful Julie, hopefully you will "wing" your way over here for some classes this year ;-)

lindacreates said...

Beautiful! Is she truly an "angel?" :-)

Jen Crossley said...

Julie this is just so beautiful your products are truly amazing :}