Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Spools!

Spools, lots of little spools! Big ones and small ones and even tiny weenie ones! You may have noticed by now I have this new product on my site. Unfortunately there are no instructions in the kit, mainly because they are so straight forward you really don't need them. You just glue up a roll of card cover it and glue on the reel ends (discs). They are so adorable to make and incredibly easy to put together. I was as Scrapbook Central on Sunday having a bit of a play day and decided to video the making of the spools. Here is is in two parts! It's a bit rough and I didn't have the focus exactly right, because I had nothing to check it on, but it gives you the lowdown on how I make these spools. Audrey kindly gave me a hand, and there was some background noise, but I thought I may as well show you "how to", you can always turn the volume down! Enjoy your spool making. Click on the heading of the video to watch in youtube.


Samantha Marshall said...

They look so cool!!!

Ruth said...

How do you spell addiction, Collections spools is how!

Tracey said...

Just wanted to say a big thankyou for being part of Tomorrow's Memories Birthday celebrations yesterday. Everyone just loved you and your make & take. I was so jealous that I missed it. Bought of tone of your stuff yesterday and I am about to sit and have a play. Thanks again for yesterday, we loved it.
love me :-)

Lovey said...

Love the spools and what you're doing here...pls come by my blog and link up with me...come see what I mean at

Shan said...

Wonderful video! Those spools are superb. Thank you so much for posting such an amazing post.

Shoshi said...

These are amazing - they look so "real"!!! Such an original idea! Not only are they really ornamental, but you could use them to store precious bits of yarn or ribbon in a very attractive way.

Angi~Mistress of Mayhem said...

These are great! Thanks for taking the time to do the video!

Custom Braid said...

amasing spools! I found you through google as I was checking up on key words for my "spools".(not as nice as yours).
If you ever need string to put on your spools visit my site.

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