Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Western Brown Snake - in the office!

Yikes! morning drama at the office! Went to open this cupboard and noticed a snake lying there, so I called my daughter Danielle to come and get it! (she is a bit of a farm girl and has seen more snakes than I have). So I got a container and kitchen mitten and Dani put on her wellingtons and I said if she gets bitten I would take her straight to the hospital. (good to plan ahead! LOL)
As she caught it she exclaimed "it's a dugite" and a few swear words! but it was quite aggressive and she got it into the container, thank goodness. So we googled it and it was a Western Brown, a deadly one that can kill you at 17cm! This snake was about 30cm. So we called the Midwest Wildlife Rescue to come and get it. Josh explained that it will be released it in a wildlife reserve as they don't kill the snakes. One exactly like this snake put Josh in hospital for 2 weeks and someone died last December from the same snake and is 5th most deadly snake. Apparently there have been 6 collected in the area recently and lots are hatching out at the moment. All I can say is I am feeling really creepy! Here's Dani catching the snake below!


Anita S said...

hi julie - OMG!!! we had the exact same snake in our backyard this time last year (i am down in baldivis)..... so freightening. i thought it was a baby dugite - hmmm even more scary to know its a western brown snake!! now bet u will be walking a bit on eggshells wondering if there is another?

Teresa said...

Oh my! Dani is one brave girl!

Julie van Oosten said...

Thanks girls, I went and checked under all the shelving with a torch just in case. Yes Dani is so brave, I don't think I could have done it!

Natalie B said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! where are you livign these days Julie?? are you near the bush.. Well done Dani, but i wouldn't advise doing it again in a hurry.

Lisa K said...

I think I am not that brave!!

well done - wildlife warriors!!

Crafters Window said...

I would not have been able to get even close enough to catch that thing. I am deathly afraid of snakes!

Glenda said...

Anything like that arrives in my cupboard I am going back to New Zealand. LOL eeeek
Dani is one very brave girl.

Blossom inch said...

OMG! lucky all are ok and she is brave!

Gretz said...

Despite being in an office full of collections Elements I would have run for my life LOL

Jenniwren said...

OMG! Dani is so brave. I lived on a dairy farm when my daughter was a baby, and one day there was a 4 ft long brown snake laying against the skirting board in the lounge room. Since I was home alone and didnt have a car to run away in, I decided I had best shoot it! I missed the first 2 times and hit the wall, but got him on the third shot! As I am not a farm girl and was only share farming at the time, I left within a week and went home to live in the safety of Mum and Dads house!(and yes, I did get in truble for shooting holes in the loungeroom wall)

Julie van Oosten said...

@jenniwren, that is a very cool story love that you now have holes in the skirting board to remember the event, glad you did'nt get bitten (that's the main thing!)brave girl!

Michelle said...

Gosh Julie. I was so scared for Dani as I watched the video. Even with the gloves, it was quite a dangerous thing to do.

Please do check everything thoroughly. Hope you o not get another one. Take care.

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